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Cable News

Cat6 Cable For Sale in Torrance

You might be wondering where to go for your type...
by Tom Niswander on February 22, 2022
what is an ethernet cable

What Is An Ethernet Cable?

Table of Contents What Is An Ethernet Cable? Why Do...
by Quan Thach on December 03, 2019

Which Is More Common Plenum or Riser Cable?

Getting a feel for the overall market on ethernet cable...
by Jeff Atkins on November 20, 2019
the importance of ul stickers

The Importance of UL Stickers

Ever got a cable that just doesn't work or isn't...
by Quan Thach on September 05, 2019
what is cat8 ethernet cable

What Is Cat8 Cable?

If you’ve been in the Datacom and Networking business, you...
by Quan Thach on February 05, 2018
what is reelex II packaging

What is Reelex II Packaging?

Get information on what Reelex cable technology is. Learn the importance of this technology in Bulk Cable and its tangle free design. Cable packaging is very important to ensure the quality performance during your installations. Read More
by Tom Niswander on December 14, 2017

Create an account with Infinity Cable Products

This blog post features the steps to take to create an account with our company. Learn how this can speed up the checkout process to make shopping with Infinity Cable easier than ever!
by Tom Niswander on October 27, 2017

Where to Buy Cat7a Cable?

If you’re reading this blog post you are probably asking...
by Quan Thach on September 29, 2017
where to get bulk ethernet cables in los angeles

Where to get bulk Ethernet cables in Los Angeles?

The city of Los Angeles is vast. It is filled...
by Jeff Atkins on July 11, 2017

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