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Which Is More Common Plenum or Riser Cable?

by Jeff Atkins on November 20, 2019

Getting a feel for the overall market on ethernet cable can be a tricky scenario. Some of the popular questions we come across is which is more common plenum or riser cable? In this article we will help cover this topic and provide insight into these two popular cables.

Getting into the question of which is more common plenum or riser cable we can say that it depends. The more common cable we work with and get requests for is riser rated cable. Riser rated cable is some of the most popular cables because its the most popular choice for residential installations. However Plenum cable is just behind it in terms of its common place in the market. This is because of its ability to handle temperatures better than any rated cable when it comes to networking. To better understand which is the more common cable lets get into more detail on these two cable types.

Riser rated cable or (CMR) cable as you might see is a cable rated for in wall installations, Risers in buildings and between the floors. It's able to achieve this because of its fire retardant jacket which is usually PVC. The majority of riser cable you will see and we carry will be solid contributor cable. Solid conductors do a better job of sending signals over longer distances and are better for riser rated installations. The additional reason for that is because the cable is stiffer and more efficient at being pulled or pushed through walls or conduits. For more information on this head down to our other blog topics

which is more common riser or plenum cable

Plenum rated cables or (CMP) cable is a cable rated for areas with air circulation and return air. Some of the most common plenum locations are HVAC's or between the ceiling where air flow is present. Another common place for plenum cable can be your attic. The great thing about plenum cable is its ability to handle higher temperatures that might be present in your attic during certain months of the year. Plenum cable has the highest fire retardant ratings which makes it suitable for areas with air flow. It is constructed with a LSFRPVC jacket which emits less smoke and reduces the spread of flames.

plenum cable

Getting the right cable in the right location is usually step 1 when it comes to purchasing ethernet cable. Knowing these two popular jacket ratings will certainly help in deciding which one to choose for your home or office. For the question of which is more common plenum or riser cable we look to riser cable but the answer is that it really depends on where your cable is going.

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