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Patch Panels

Cat5e Patch Panel, 12 Port 19" Rack Mount, 1U


Cat5e Patch Panel, 12 Port Wall Mount w/ Holder


Cat5e Patch Panel, 24 Port 19" Rack Mount, 1U


Cat5e Patch Panel, 48 Port 19" Rack Mount 2U


Cat6 Patch Panel - 48 Port, 110 Type, 19" Rack Mount, 2U


CAT6 Patch Panel, 24 Port 19" Rack Mount, 1U


CAT6A 10G 24 Port STP 19" Rack Patch Panel

1 review

Cat6A UTP 24 Port Patch Panel 19" Rack Mount

4 reviews

Elite 24-Port Shielded High Density Keystone Jack Panel

2 reviews

Shielded High Density Patch Panel, 1U 48-Port Blank Patch Panel


Patch Panels

Shop Patch panels with Infinity Cable Products. Whether for your business or home network we have the items for you. Patch panels bring your network together in one location to make connecting devices such as routers, access points, modems, switches and hubs that much easier. Able to be installed directly on to the walls in your home these panels are easy to setup and compliment any network size. Choose from our many different sizes depending on your connection amount. Many of our patch panels have port sizes ranging from 12, 24 to 48 ports. Not only that but our collection has panel types in shielded and unshielded versions for a install in any environment. 

Get To Know More About Our Products

What Is A Patch Panel?

A patch panel is a type of device that houses connectors such as keystone jacks to power various ethernet devices. They are often called patch panels, bays, patch fields or jack fields. They range in all sorts of sizes and units which customizing any network convenient. The most popular application for these are in networking, offices, radio stations and television studios, businesses, cinemas and home use. These devices bring together many different connections which give you one central location to easily manage all your devices. The great thing about patch panels is that they make it very easy to trouble shoot problems and make any additions to your network. By simply adding another keystone or punching down wires you can create as many connection as you'd like.

With patch panels you can connect cables such as twisted copper cables, patch cables and even fiber cables. They are often numbered to match the corresponding category of your cable.

12 Port Patch Panel

Our 12 port patch panels are the perfect touch to any network. Portable in design and function this standard patch panel can power up to 12 different connections of your choice. Our selection of 12 port patch panels are available in Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A types. Hit a home run with your total solution by organizing your connection in your closet or where you choose to mount this panel. Set up is easy and you'll be snapping in keystones in no time.

12 port patch panel

24 Port Patch Panel

Take the next step up in your home or business network. Infinity Cable Products selection of 24 port patch panels comes in unshielded and shielded versions. Great for any areas such as in a lab, school, office, garage or any place you want to create ethernet connections. 24 ports gives you many different options for connections. Don;t have a need for all 24? That's ok ! Patch panels don't need to be fully used to work. If you have a need for 22 connection simply leave the extra 2 spaces free for future use. Infinity Cable Products offers these in Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A categories. These options give you the opportunity to terminate with cm stranded, riser or plenum rated cables.

24 port patch panel

48 Port Patch Panel

The largest in size in this series is our 48 port patch panel. Install up to 48 different connections using various ethernet cables. The perfect device for larger builds and businesses. Stack these on top of each other for a large scale networking rack that can power whole businesses from one central location. Our 48 port patch panels come in unshielded and shielded versions for any networking environment. Available in Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A these panels can bring to life any cable category. Have a need for a high density application? Well we've got you covered here. Our 48 port high density patch panels are an installers favorite combining a sleek professional look and performance enhancements that will make any networking enclosure look good.

48 port patch panel