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Cat5e Outdoor Cables

Shop Cat5e outdoor cables at Infinity Cable Products. Everything you need to get gigabit speeds outdoors in sun and rain. Run Cat5e outdoor cable to exterior buildings, back houses, outdoor access points and room to room outdoors. All our brands of cables have industry leading performance and safety certifications.

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Cat5e Outdoor CMX - 24AWG, Unshielded, 350Mhz, UV Resistant

6 reviews

Cat5e Shielded Outdoor CMX - 24AWG, FTP, UV Resistant

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Cat5e Direct Burial - Unshielded, Gel Filled


Cat5e Outdoor Cables


Infinity Cable Products has made shopping for Cat5e outdoor cable easy. With its variety of cables in this collection it has something for every situation. Whether running outside your home to your pool house, under your awning or along side your house outdoor cable is the perfect choice.

Outdoor cables is built to withstand numerous conditions. Outdoor Cat5e cable (CMX) has a suitable structure to be waterproof, with stand wind and is sunlight protected. This cable makes it an easy choice when the cable needs to be places in unprotected areas where there might be areas exposed to these conditions. Cat5e cable is popular choice for many residential installations.


Cat5e cable is rated for 1Gb performance. it can achieve this spec for distance up to 328 Feet (100 meters). Outdoor Cat5e cable is used to make ethernet connections such as to your computer, modem router or home network setup. It's bulk length is great for custom length jobs where you want a little bit of extra cable for any changes and to make sure you have enough to cover the job. The added bonus to outdoor cable is its ability to be directly buried in the ground. Keep your cable runs out of sight with these cmx rated cables.


Outdoor Cat5e cable comes in unshielded and shielded versions. Unshielded Cat5e outdoor cable is great for majority of residential installations. This cable can be installed outdoor directly or placed in conduit for extra protection. Its structure is UTP and easily connects to unshielded connectivity for a reliable connection. Shielded outdoor Cat5e cable is the go to choice for areas with EMI or signal interference. These can be areas around cell towers or heavy machinery. It's structure is FTP which has foil around the four twisted pairs for protection in these areas. Our Shielded cables pair with shielded plugs and Cat5e keystones jacks for a connection that is worry free from unwanted signal noise.

When your cable runs needs to be placed up against nature, outdoor cable is a worthy partner. This collection of outdoor Cat5e cable has all the types and structures you could need to power a gigabit network that your home or business will love.

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