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Cat6 Stranded Cables

Shop Cat6 stranded cables at Infinity Cable Products. Stranded cables are perfect for creating patch cables and short runs in your home or business. Our large collection of Cat6 stranded cables come in unshielded and shielded types for any environment. All our cables have industry leading performance and safety certifications.

4 reviews

Cat6 Stranded CM - 24AWG, UTP, 550MHz, Bulk Networking Cable

2 reviews

Cat6 Stranded CM - 26AWG, Shielded FTP Bulk Networking Cable

14 reviews

Cat6 Ultra Slim Stranded CM - 28AWG, UTP, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6 Ultra Slim Stranded CM - 28AWG, UTP, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6 Stranded LSZH - 26 AWG, Shielded, FTP, Bulk Networking Cable

Cat6 Stranded LSZH - 28AWG, UTP, Bulk Networking Cable

Cat6 Stranded Cables


Infinity Cable Products prides itself on offering the highest quality products at affordable prices. Our Cat6 stranded cables stick to this commitment. These ethernet cables have gone through numerous tests and field use to ensure quality. Perfect for your home or office these cables are great for shorter length runs and creating patch cables. Cat6 stranded cable is more flexible than solid cable because of its stranded copper conductors. These stranded cables can be cut down to your chosen length for custom installations. Unshielded and shielded Cat6 stranded cable options available for any environment. When specific AWG sizes are needed this collection has you covered with gauge's from 24-28AWG. With many different jacket types, structure, colors and lengths we are sure you will find the Cat6 stranded (cm) cable for your next installation.

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