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Ethernet Cable Tools

Shop ethernet cable tools at Infinity Cable Products. Make life easier when installing your cable with our selection of tools for every step of the way. Easily punch down, cut, crimp and organize your cables with our high quality ethernet cable tools. All our tools have industry leading performance and safety certifications.

5 reviews

CAT7A and CAT8 Large Diameter RJ45 Crimping Tool


Impact Punch Down Tool - 110 Punch and Cut Blade

4 reviews

Network Cable and Wire Stripper Cutter Tool


Network Cable Comb Tool

6 reviews

Termination Tool Cat5e and Cat6 - 90 Degree

4 reviews

Termination Tool Cat6A - 180 Degree

4 reviews

Termination Tool Cat6A 90 Degree


Ethernet Cable Tools


What are ethernet cable tools used for?

Our selection of networking tools are used for different parts of cable installation. Used often by telecommunication and network technicians our tools are great for everything such as cutting the cable and punching wire down to connectors or patch panels.


Why Choose our ethernet cable tools?

Make installation a breeze with our networking tools. These tools are sturdy and well constructed to hold up for many installations. Perfect for any job and small enough to be travel friendly these accessories are great value.


✔ UL Listed                                   ✔ RoHS Compliant

✔ ETL Verified                               ✔ 3rd Party Tested


Check out our large selection of bulk cabling to use with these tools. For more information or large quantity inquiries please contact us at:

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