Cat6 Direct Burial and Outdoor Cable

Cat6E CMX Direct Burial - 23AWG - FTP - 1000ft.
Looking for cable that can buried under ground? Well this is the cable for you. This elite branded cat6e direct...
CAT6E CMX Direct Burial - 23AWG - UTP - 1000 ft.
 This high grade cat6e direct burial cable is perfect for the jobs when cables needs to be covered. It is...
cat6 direct burial and outdoor cable 1000ft cat 6 cmx cable 24awg utp in black tux2404xb41 Sale
1000FT Cat6 CMX Direct Burial Cable 24AWG UTP (Gel Filled)
Get ready to take on outdoor conditions with this cat 6 cmx direct burial ethernet cable. This outdoor cable is...
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Learn more about Cat6 Direct Burial and Outdoor Cable

Browse our selection of cat6 cmx rated bulk ethernet cable. These cables are built to be installed in outdoor conditions by giving you extra protection in the cables construction. These ethernet cables are for your home or office network. Speed up your system with cables tested from 400 MHz to 600 MHz. 

To help you better understand direct burial cable lets starts with what it is at its core:

Cat 6 CMX Outdoor cable is cable that can be placed directly in the earth. This can mean trenched, plowed or bored into the ground meaning your cable will be out of sight without having to use any conduit.

What are the advantages of direct burial cable?

  • Keeps the appearance of your location the same by not having to add any conduit to the wall, etc
  • The initial cost on install is lower because of ability to be directly buried
  • Flexible to be installed around obstruction outside and inside

Our cat6 cables are 1000 feet in length giving you an amount to customize your project.Coming on a wooden spool gives you the ability to pull the cable easily.

What is shielded outdoor cable vs. unshielded outdoor cable?

Shielded cmx cable is cable that has mylar tape around the 4 twisted pairs giving you added protection against signal interference that could come from outside sources. These could be other cables or power systems in close range to your newly installed cable.

Unshielded cmx cable is ethernet cable without the shielding around the 4 twisted pairs. This cable is great for installs where EMI (Electric Magnetic Interference) is limited. Pair with unshielded connectors and keystone jacks for your desired high speed cat6 performance.

An added bonus with direct burial cable it its sunlight resistant structure. If your cable has to be exposed to the sunlight this cable has the ability to do so. 

When the time comes for your cable to go outside be sure to grab some direct burial cable!


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