Outdoor Ethernet Cable (CMX)

1000FT Cat6e Outdoor CMX - 23AWG, Shielded, FTP, 400MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable
Cat6e outdoor cable is the perfect choice for installing in outdoor conditions. This cable is sunlight resistant and water proof....
1000FT CAT5E Outdoor CMX - 24AWG, UTP, 350Mhz, Bulk Networking Cable
Take outdoor Cat5e to another level with this Cat5e outdoor CMX cable. Perfect for installations outside at your home or...
1000FT CAT6e Outdoor CMX - 23AWG, Unshielded, UTP, Direct Burial, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable
Cat6e Outdoor CMX rated cable is perfect for installations in outdoor conditions. This cable is built for withstanding conditions such...
1000FT Cat5e Shielded Outdoor CMX - 24AWG, FTP, Direct Burial, Bulk Networking Cable
Bring your ethernet connection outdoors with our Elite outdoor shielded Cat5e cable. This outdoor Cat5e cable is CMX rated for...

Outdoor Ethernet Cable (CMX)

Take to the Outdoors with Outdoor rated Cable

Bringing your network outdoors is made simple with Infinity Cable Products. Our vast collection of cables come in many different types ratings and structures to power your network in any situation. This collection of outdoor ethernet cable is ready to take on outdoor condition in your residential or commercial building. Whether running cables along the side of your house, structure to structure, building to building or to a back house entertainment room these cables are the perfect choice. Built to withstand win, rain and sun these cable are made with a CMX rated jacket. CMX jackets have special material making it suitable to hold up long periods in the sun and rain.

outdoor ethernet cable

Unshielded Outdoor Cat5e Cable is perfect choice for gigabit systems. This cable is a popular choice for residential installation giving the ability to run cable along the sides of your home or backyard. This outdoor ethernet cable is great in that it can be directly buried out of sign as well ! You can add this cable inside conduit as well for a well protected setup. Unshielded outdoor ethernet Cat5e cable is able to run up to 328 Feet (100 meters) while powering its spec. A truly multi-use use cable.

outdoor ethernet cable

Shielded Outdoor Cat5e Cable is the perfect choice for outdoor installation in EMI areas. EMI causes signal interference on your cable which can cause signal loss. To protect against that the cable is built with foil shielding inside the cable to protect its wires. The structure of this outdoor ethernet cable is F/UTP which has foil wrapped around all four twisted pairs. This cable can be directly buried or place in conduit. Pair this cable with shielded connectivity for a worry free network setup.

cat6e outdoor ethernet cable

Unshielded Outdoor Cat6e cable is a go to for outdoor rated installation which want additional performance requirements. Cat6e outdoor ethernet cable comes constructed with a spline separating each of the twisted pairs. This help improve on near end cross talk. Cat6e cable is a popular choice among many installers with its ability to achieve 10Gb at shorter distances. Under ideal conditions it comes in around 33-55 meters. Take this cable and directly bury it where needed to keep a nicely looking landscape. This cable can even be placed under the awning or inside conduit for added protection.

cat6e shielded ethernet cable

Shielded Outdoor Cat6e cable is the perfect choice for outdoor installs with EMI areas. This cable is constructed with a spline separating each twisted pair. Improving on near end crosstalk. A great choice for long runs. Cat6 outdoor ethernet cable can do 1Gb up to 328 Feet (100 meters). Under ideal conditions 10Gb at shorter distances. This cable can be places under awnings, in the ground, buried or trenched, building to building or anywhere ethernet connections are needed. This study cable comes on a wooden spool for convenient cables pulls and protects the cables inner shield.

Shopping online for bulk cables is simple, safe and with our tons of products you are sure to find the right cable or accessory. Our cables are certified, tried and tested to ensure compatibly, performance and safety. Our outdoor ethernet cable sticks to this commitment by being UL and ETL verified. When running ethernet cable outdoors is needed you network will thank for choosing Infinity Cable Products.

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