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Cat5e Plenum Cables

Shop Cat5e Plenum cables at Infinity Cable Products. Everything you need to get your network up and running in plenum spaces and areas with air flow. Our Cat5e plenum cables are perfect for gigabit speeds up to 328 feet. All our brands of cables have industry leading performance and safety certifications.

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Cat5e Plenum (CMP) - 24AWG, UTP, 350MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

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Cat5e Shielded Plenum (CMP) - F/UTP, 24AWG, 350MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat5e Plenum Cables


Your home or business deserves the best Cat5e plenum cable. Shopping online for cable is made easy at Infinity Cable Products. Browse from our collection of Cat5e plenum cables for any type of environment. Whether running your cable in your home, commercial building or office we have the cable for you. Cat5e plenum cable at its core is constructed for areas with air flow. This covers drop ceilings, air ducts and between floors where air circulation is present. Unshielded Cat5e plenum is perfect for areas of air flow where there is no EMI present. Shielded Cat5e plenum does the job of bringing your network to life in EMI prone areas. Not only that but our Cat5e plenum cables come in two conveniently pull options with an easy to pull box and a reel. Whether running cable room to room or in the field you can pull your cable wherever needed. Our brand of cables are popular because of the industry leading safety performance and electric transmission performance. Enjoy low prices that will bring down the total cost of your network while experiencing above standard speeds.

Connecting Cat5e Plenum

Cat5e plenum cables are easily attached to other types of cable connectivity. This can be Cat5e keystone jacks and Cat5e RJ45s. The solid construction of this cable gives it the strength to be pulled up to 328 feet inside walls and areas with air circulation.


Cat5e cable performs up to gigabit speeds to power your favorite devices such as computers, gaming systems and many other LAN devices. The best Cat5e plenum cables put safety first and our selection of Elite cables are an installers favorite because of this. Each cables comes certified by UL and fluke tested for leading quality. Not only that but our collection of Elite cables are built to squeeze out extra dB in your network speeds. Pushing the boundaries of typical Cat5e cables our collection of Cat5e cables are sure to be your networks new favorite addition. When shopping for Cat5e plenum cables online look no further than Infinity Cable Products for low prices, large selections and all the accessories you need to complete your new network.

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