Cat5e Plenum (CMP)

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1000FT CAT5e CMP (Plenum) - 24AWG, UTP, 350MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable
Elite Cat5e CMP (Plenum) rated cable is perfect for in the wall of your home or business, air ducts and...
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1000FT CAT5e Shielded CMP (Plenum) - F/UTP, 24AWG, 350MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable
Our Elite Cat5e shielded plenum (cmp) rated cable is perfect for plenum rated installs. Plenum spaces are locations with air...

Cat5e Plenum (CMP) Bulk Networking Cable

Take the next step in gigabit installations with Infinity Cable Products. This collection of Cat5e plenum cables has everything you need to run your cable in any environment. Our goal is to make shopping easy and our selection of cables come in many different types and colors to fill any need. Choose your favorite color to match your house or business or keep your cable management organized.

cat5e plenum

In this collection of Cat5e plenum we offer multiple types of cable to be used in plenum rated areas. Plenum areas are locations in buildings that have return air circulation or anywhere air is transferred. Some common places for this are above the ceiling or in HVAC locations. Whether in your homes walls, attic or beneath the flooring these Cat5e plenum cables are here to make your network shine. What makes plenum cable great is that it has the highest fire retardant rating when compared to general use or riser rated cable. This means that most areas you want to install this cable will be a perfect fit. Plenum cable has a specific jacket made up of low smoke flame retardant pvc which when burned emits less toxic smoke and prevents the spread of flames. Safety first!

cat5e plenum (cmp)

Starting off in this collection is our unshielded Cat5e plenum cable. This favorite cable of many is rated for 1Gb up to 100 meters. Almost enough footage to run the entire length of a football field! This cable has unshielded twisted pairs and easily pairs with UTP keystones and RJ45 plugs. The solid conductors of this unshielded Cat5e plenum cable give it the ability to power signals over longer distances and reduce attenuation when your cables runs get longer in distance. The insulation this cables composes of is FEP which when the heat is turned up gives it better performance. Running cable in the attic is one of the many benefits of this Cat5e plenum cable as well.

cat5e plenum

Looking for a cable to handle environment that may contain EMI or signal interference? Maybe this cable is running in your dentist office or you live close to a cell tower that emits signal noise? Then this shielded Cat5e Plenum is your go to. This cable is perfectly constructed with foil around all its four twisted pairs. The foil acts as a barrier between the outside noise and your cables wires. Conveniently wrapped on a wooden spool this cables shield holds steady in delivery and when deploying your cable runs comes off the spool easy. Most importantly is that the shielding is protected from any internal cracks. Giving your plenum cable all the performance it needs to power your gigabit system.

cat5e plenum shielded

Cat5e cable is a popular choice of shoppers and installers because of its ease of use. This cable is rated for gigabit networks at long distances. Running access points, your router and your computer with these Cat5e plenum cables is friendly on your wallet and gives you the high performance you expect.

Our goal to is provide everyone with the highest quality of products. All our cables are certified and tested to perform to their certain specs. This is no exception with our Cat5e plenum cable. This cable is UL certified and ETL verified. We've done the testing for you so you know the quality you can expect. Whether upgrading your old network from Cat5 or want to add some extra connections to your home this collection of cable is here for you. Pair these cables with our large selection of connectivity for a gigabit network. We even have patch panels and wall plates to complete your install. Add these to your bedrooms or living spaces so your whole family can enjoy reliable gigabit speeds. Our selection of wall plates pair nicely with Cat5e keystone jacks which connect to this cable. When a gigabit network is what you need and your install calls for running in areas with air flow then don't hesitate and give plenum cable a go.


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