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Cat6A Bulk Cable

Shop Cat6A bulk cables at Infinity Cable Products. Cat6A ethernet cable is suitable for consistent runs of 10Gb speeds up to 328 feet. Enjoy the benefits of longer runs of 10 gigabit speeds and less crosstalk in your home or business. Available in stranded, riser and plenum options our Cat6A bulk cable is ready for any installation. All our cables have industry leading performance and safety certifications such as UL, ETL, TAA Compliant and much more.

6 reviews

Cat6A Shielded Stranded CM - 10Gb, 26AWG, U/FTP, Bulk Networking Cable

19 reviews

Cat6A Riser (CMR) - 10Gb, Unshielded, 23AWG, Solid, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable

27 reviews

Cat6A Shielded Riser (CMR) - 10Gb, F/UTP, 23AWG, Solid, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable

11 reviews

Cat6A Plenum (CMP) - 10Gb, 23AWG, Unshielded, Solid, 750MHz, Bulk Networking Cable

17 reviews

Cat6A Shielded Plenum (CMP) - 10Gb, 23AWG, F/UTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6A Slim OD Plenum (CMP) - 10 Gb, 23AWG, Unshielded, Solid, 660MHz, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6A Stranded Plenum (CMP) - 28AWG, U/UTP, Unshielded, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable

Cat6A Slim OD Riser (CMR) - 10Gb, 23AWG, Unshielded, Solid, 660MHz, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6A Bulk Cable


Shop the best Cat6A bulk cables at Infinity Cable Products. The perfect for solution for high speed 10Gb over long distances. Cat6A ethernet cable is rated for 500MHz and 10Gb up to 328 feet (100 meters). Whether upgrading your home network or installing a fresh business network these cables are sure to delight. We've made shopping for Cat6A cables online easy with our large selection in every type you need for any scenario. Certified, tried and tested our collection of cables have industry leading safety and performance standards. Combined with pure copper conductors for a high performance cable at budget friendly prices. Dive deeper in our our Cat6A cable catalog.


Cat6A stranded 26awg cable is the go to choice for short run installations. This bulk stranded Cat6A cable is slimmer than 23AWG cables and great for running in to patch panels and network enclosures. Get the added benefits of more flex for when you need to run cable in tight areas. Not only that but our Elite stranded cable is shielded for protection from signal interference. Whether running cables from your modem to computer or connecting hardware in a patch panel this cable is up for the task.

Cat6A unshielded riser cable is the perfect solution for installation in the walls of your home or business. Get up to 10Gb speeds at longer distances when combined with 10Gb hardware. Easily pair this cable with unshielded Cat6A connectivity for a network that will have you running for many years to come.

Cat6A shielded riser cable is the go to choice for areas with EMI and signal interference. Say no more to interruptions on your lines with shielding wrapped around all four twisted pairs. Install in your business in areas prone with EMI for a more reliable signal.

Cat6A unshielded plenum cable is ready for areas with air flow. This bulk Cat6A cable is an important solution for when you need to run cables in drop ceilings, between flooring, HVAC or anywhere air is circulated. Plenum cable is great for areas with increased temperatures with its FEP insulation. Market leading certification makes this cable stand out as the go to choice for plenum installations.

Cat6A shielded plenum cable gives you high speeds in areas with EMI or signal interference, This bulk Cat6A shielded plenum cable can be installed in drop ceilings, HVAC, between flooring or anywhere air flow is present. Take EMI head on with shielding around all four twisted pairs. Combine this cable with shielded Cat6A connectivity for a high speed 10Gb solution in your home or business.

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Get the right cable in the right place at Infinity Cable Products. Our collection of Elite bulk Cat6A cables are here for any situation. Save money while getting everything you need for your next installation. Multiple colors, types and quantities available for same day shipping.

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