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Cat5e Stranded Cables

Shop Cat5e stranded cables at Infinity Cable Products. Flexible, easy to work with cable for creating patch cables & short runs in your home or business. Our collection of Cat5e stranded cables come with industry leading performance and safety compliance.

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Cat5e Stranded CM - 24AWG, UTP Bulk Networking Cable

4 reviews

Cat5e Shielded Stranded CM - 24AWG, 350MHz, FTP Bulk Networking Cable

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Cat5e Shielded Stranded CM - 26AWG, 350MHz, FTP Bulk Networking Cable


Cat5e Stranded Cables


Shopping with Infinity Cable Products is easy, affordable and gives you all the selection you could need to power your next network. Our collection of Cat5e stranded (cm) cable is full of products for every scenario you could encounter. Whether running cable in your home, new construction, office, building or anywhere ethernet connection are needed this cable category is here for you.

Getting to know stranded cable is relatively easy. The main thing to know about Cat5e stranded cable is that is is very flexible! Much more flexible than solid conductors cables. You might be wondering why I should used stranded or solid cable? Well when your installation calls for shorter length runs and want to fit it in tight corners than Cat5e stranded (cm) cable is the go to. It cable core is composed of strands of pure copper wires formed together to make its wires in the pair. By having stranded conductors this gives the cable the flexibility it needs to perform in smaller areas. Common areas are between computers, behind desks or in server racks. The main use of stranded cable is to make patch cables. Taking the bulk length of Cat5e stranded cables in this collection gives you the length you need to make any size patch cables you need.

Cable Types

Unshielded Cat5e stranded 24AWG: This cable is utp which stands for unshielded twisted pairs. This cable is great for residential installation and business runs. This unshielded Cat5e stranded 24awg cable is easily cut down to your chosen size. Pair with our many unshielded Cat5e connectivity for a flexible and reliable network. Did we also mention that this cables comes in many different colors. Choose your favorite color or organize your setup according to different colors to gives it more cable management.

Shielded Cat5e stranded 24AWG: EMI and signal interference is no worry with this shielded Cat5e stranded 24awg cable. This cables structure is composed of a F/UTP core. This means that the cable has foil around all the four twisted pairs all together. This gives your Cat5e stranded 24AWG cable the protection it needs from signal noise caused by pesky equipment. The 24AWG conductors in this cable gives you a more common gauge size that you find in many Cat5e and Cat6 cables. Choose 24AWG RJ45 plugs made for stranded cable and your network will be good to go!

Shielded Cat5e stranded 26AWG: Taking thin cable to another level. Not only is this cables shielded but this Cat5e cable is thinner than your average 24AWG cables. Shielded Cat5e stranded cable 26AWG gives you smaller diameters to save space in your network setup. Want to save space in your networking enclosure or patch panel? These 26AWG stranded cables can be formed in to any size you need. The 1000 feet in length comes on a wooden spool for easy deployment. When you area consists of EMI and signal interference this cable sis a great solution. It also gives you the benefits of reducing the bundle size in runs and gives you more air flow. Pair this cable with 26AWG stranded conductors.

Additional Information

Getting gigabit speeds with these Cat5e cables is just another day on the job for these stranded cables. Cat5e stranded cables is rated for 1Gb speeds and is perfectly added on to a solid network channel for a connection that can run up to 100 meters. Choosing your type of Cat5e cable requires knowing the surroundings environment and with this large collection of cables in any type you could need you are in the right place. Shielded or unshielded stranded Cat5e cable is here for your next installation. We make sure to provide quality and our cables are certified and tested to perform to their standards. UL Certified and ETL Verified gives you the performance grade you need to run this anywhere you need

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