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surface mount box white 1 port
1 port surface mount box with keystone
1 port surface mount box
2 port surface mount box inside
2 port surface mount box front
2 port surface mount box back
2 port box without keystone jacks
2 port surface mount box top
  • SKU: SMB-8-C5AB-U

Surface Mount Box - Keystone Jack, White

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Elite Surface Mount Boxes for Cat5e and Cat6 Cables and Keystone jacks. Perfect for expanding your network solution. Connect your keystone jacks of choice from Cat5e and Cat6 cables. Durable design for numerous installations. 1 port and 2 port surface mount boxes comes with adhesive tape and 2 screws for installations. Great addition to any home or business network.


  • Add one more connection to your devices
  • Compatible with Cat5e and Cat6 keystone jacks
  • Create a housing for ethernet anywhere that is needed
  • Screw in to place or use adhesive tape for placement
  • UL Listed and RoHs certified for safety compliance

Q: Are these surface mount boxes compatible with Cat6, Cat5e and Cat5 cable?

A: Yes, our inline couplers are compatible with all those categories.

Q: Do these surface mount boxes work for PoE?

A: Yes, these couplers are compatible with Cat5e and Cat6 cable for PoE.

Q: Can these be installed outdoors?

A: We do not recommend to use these outdoors. These are ideal for indoor use.

Q: Can these be attached to a desk?

A: Yes these keystone mount boxes have an adhesive tape than can be used to attach to desks and tables.