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Bulk Coaxial Cable

2 reviews

RG59 Coaxial Cable CCTV

1 review

RG59 Siamese Cable With Power - 18AWG 2 Conductors

3 reviews

RG6 Quad Shield - CCS, 18AWG, Reel in Box, 1000ft.

2 reviews

RG6 Dual Shield - CCS, 18AWG, Reel In Box, 1000ft


Bulk Coaxial Cable


Infinity Cable Products is your one-stop shop for bulk coaxial cable. Our collection of coaxial cable is perfect for boosting your home theater, business, and residential TV connections, no matter the environment. Coaxial cable is primarily used for the transmission of communication, video, and audio signals, and it has a high bandwidth and large transmission capacity that makes it ideal for these purposes. You'll often see coaxial cable used to connect your TV to your cable box or to provide an internet connection from your ISP to your modem. It can also be used for networking purposes, allowing you to hardwire your devices with an ethernet cable.


We offer a wide range of coaxial cable options to choose from, including RG59 for standard installs of networking and TV services, and RG6 for advancements in cable and satellite TV. We also have cables with varying transmission,

Quality You Can Trust

At Infinity Cable Products, we understand the importance of getting a quality cable, and that's why we offer coaxial cable that is UL listed and certified to pass industry testing performances. Our coaxial cable comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 500 feet to 1000 feet, and it's available on either a wooden spool or in an easy-to-pull box, giving you plenty of length to run it anywhere in your home or commercial building. We are one of the largest suppliers of coaxial bulk cables to installers nationwide, and we offer the most competitive pricing around without compromising on quality.

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