Coaxial Bulk Cable

2RG6 Quad Bare Copper - Cat5e - Cat6 - 500 ft.
Looking for a perfect cable suitable for audio or video of transfer for local area network? Well look no further...
CSTNT 2 CAT5E 350MHz PVC + 22AWG/2CDR + 18AWG/2CDR + Ground Wire
Control cable at its finest. Get the quality distribution you have always wanted with our bulk cat5e control cable. Does...
Multimedia 2 RG6/U + 2CAT5E 350 - 500FT
This awesome cable is perfectly suitable for video of transfer for local area networks or audio. Its durability is unmatched....
RG59 coaxial cable Sale
RG59 Coaxial Cable CCTV
RG59 /U #20 Solid CU, 80% CCA BRD, CM, Reel in Box 1000FT. ✔ UL Listed ✔ RoHS Compliant ✔...
$50.00 $74.00
RG59/U 20AWG Solid BCC 80% CCA Braiding Control Coaxial Cable 1000 ft. RG59/U 20AWG Solid Braiding Control Coaxial Cable 1000 ft. black Sale
RG59/U 20AWG Solid BCC, 80% CCA Braiding Control Coaxial Cable - 1000 ft.
Elite Coaxial RG59/U 20 AWG Siamese is made of solid bare copper conductor (BCC), opposed to lower end copper clad...
$95.00 $125.00
RG6 Quad CCS 18 gage conductor bulk cable Sale
RG6 Quad CCS 18AWG, Conductor, 60%+40% AL Braid, 2x100% AL Foil 1000ft. Reel
Elite Coaxial - CCS 18AWG, Conductor, 60%+40% AL Braid, 2x100% AL Foil, UL, Reel in a Box Quad Shielded RG6...
$40.00 $58.00
RG6/U dual shield coaxial cable 18awg 1000ft black rg6/u dual shield coaxial cable 1000 feet 18 gage white Sale
RG6/U Dual Shield Coaxial Cable CM 18AWG 1000FT
RG6/U Dual Shield Coaxial Cable, Bulk 1000ft, UL Listed Copper Clad Steel Core CM Rated UL Listed 60% Braid 18...
$35.00 $49.00

Coaxial Cable

What is Coaxial Cable?

Our bulk coaxial cable is primarily used for the transition of communication, video and audio. This type of cable has a high bandwidth and larger transmission capacity. You might see these cables as the main source for connecting your television to your cable box. Coaxial cable can also be used for networking purposes and provide an internet connection with a modem.

Our RG59 and RG6 Coaxial cable is the go to cable for many  cable TV installers worldwide.

How is the performance of coaxial cable?

Infinity Cable Products coaxial cable is UL listed a certified to pas testing performances. Depending on the type of coax cable, it will consist of a percent of copper clad steel core. They consist of 500 feet to 1000 feet sizes on either a wooden spool or east to pull box.

Why Choose our bulk Coaxial Cable?

We are one of the largest suppliers of Coaxial bulk cables, without compromising quality we are able to offer the most competitive pricing around. If you are looking for standard install of VCR and television RG59 will do the job but with advancements in cable and satellite televisions RG6 is the primary cable of choice.Our Coaxial cable exceeds standard coax performance tests and we have the testing reports to back it up.


✔ UL Listed                                   ✔ RoHS Compliant

✔ ETL Verified                               ✔ 3rd Party Tested