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Bulk Coaxial Cable

2 reviews

RG59 Coaxial Cable CCTV

1 review

RG59 Siamese Cable With Power - 18AWG 2 Conductors

3 reviews

RG6 Quad Shield - CCS, 18AWG, Reel in Box, 1000ft.

2 reviews

RG6 Dual Shield - CCS, 18AWG, Reel In Box, 1000ft


Bulk Coaxial Cable

Shopping for bulk coaxial cable is made easy with Infinity Cable Products. Our collection of coaxial cable is full of products to boost your home theater, business and residential TV connections. No matter the environment we have the cable for you.

Our bulk coaxial cable is primarily used for the transmission of communication, video and audio signals. These types of cable have a high bandwidth and larger transmission capacity that gives it the ability to achieve these performances capabilities. You'll often see these cables as the main source for connecting your television to your cable box for example. Coaxial cable can also be used for networking purposes and provide an internet connection from your ISP to your modem box. Both very important for business and entertainment purposes. Another common use is connecting from the modem you can connect an ethernet cable to hard wire your various devices.

With Coax cable being one of the main cables needs to connect to your ISP getting a quality cable is important. Infinity Cable Products coaxial cable is UL listed and certified to pass industry testing performances. No more worries of lack luster quality in your cables.
The structure of coax cable comes in many different forms. Depending on the type of coax cable, it will consist of a percent of copper clad steel core or pure copper. The size ranges in these coax cables consist of 500 feet to 1000 feet sizes on either a wooden spool or easy to pull box. Giving you enough length to run coax cable anywhere in your home or in commercial buildings.

We are relied upon as one of largest suppliers of Coaxial bulk cables to many installers nationwide. Our advantage is that we do not compromise quality and are able to offer the most competitive pricing around. If you are looking for standard installs of networking and television services than take a look at our RG59. Or maybe you are looking for some advancements in cable and satellite televisions than RG6 is the primary cable of choice. Not only do we have cables of varying transmission but we have types for any location. You'll find our coax cables in quad and dual shielded core. Perfect for areas with EMI and reduces any chance of signal interference on your cables.

Choosing from our large selection of coax cable is made easy online. Our cables come in different colors to make cable management easier. upgrading or installing a new coax connection is made simple with our many different types. Whether you're a seasoned installer or a DIY home builder, these coax cables are sure to delight.

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