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  • Cat6a riser cables - 10% off in may code: cat6amay10

Cat6A Riser Cables - 10% Off in May Code: CAT6AMAY10

Shop Cat6A riser cables at Infinity Cable Products. Install faster cable in your home or business. Cat6A riser cable gives your network the ability to get up to 10Gb speeds up to 328 feet. Power PoE, data and video over long distances with solid pure copper cables. All our cables come with industry leading performance and safety compliance.

17 reviews

Cat6A Riser (CMR) - 10Gb, Unshielded, 23AWG, Solid, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable

26 reviews

Cat6A Shielded Riser (CMR) - 10Gb, F/UTP, 23AWG, Solid, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6A Slim OD Riser (CMR) - 10Gb, 23AWG, Unshielded, Solid, 660MHz, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6A Riser Cables


Get safer, faster and more reliable Cat6A riser cable at Infinity Cable Products. Shop for ethernet cable that will boost your network to 10Gb speeds and above 500MHz. Cat6A riser cable is perfect for installations in your home or business. Whether upgrading lines to your office or making connection to each bedroom Cat6A riser cable has everything you need for a successful network. No environment is too tough for this cable with its multiple options.

Cat6A Options

Shop unshielded Cat6A riser and shielded Cat6A risers for multiple scenarios. Take on EMI with shielded cable or everyday use with unshielded cable. Certified, tried, and trusted our wires go through the most stringent testing to ensure that you receive the highest quality cable possible. All our Cat6A riser cables come UL listed ensuring each one is leading its category in safety. Compatible with Cat6A keystone jacks and RJ45 modular plugs for a complete network solution. Shopping online for Cat6A riser cable at Infinity Cable Products is made simple and affordable. Take the next step beyond gigabit today!

Jacket Type

CMR is a riser rated jacket. This cable can be installed inside walls, flooring and risers in commercial buildings. If you are a residential customer this is the most popular choice for using inside your home.

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  • Cat6a riser cables - 10% off in may code: cat6amay10