Cat6A Riser (CMR)

1000FT CAT6A CMR (Riser) - 10GB, UTP, 23AWG, Solid, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable
Our Cat6a unshielded cmr cable is a high performance solution for audio, video and data applications. This cable is riser...
1000FT CAT6A Shielded CMR (Riser) - 10GB, F/UTP, 23AWG, Solid, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable
Our Cat6A riser rated bulk networking cable is perfect for high speed installations. This cable is the step up version...

Cat6A Riser (CMR) Bulk Networking Cable

Infinity Cable Products prides itself on offering the highest quality products at affordable prices. Our Cat6A CMR cable stick to this commitment. These CatA CMR cables have gone through numerous tests and field use to ensure quality. Perfect for your home or office these cables are great for running from computer to keystones and many different high speed home or business applications. Unshielded Cat6A riser cable is great for home and business installations. This cable is great for long runs in the walls or risers. Shielded Cat6A cmr cable is perfect for areas with EMI and other signal interference. It's shielding gives you extra protection from signal noise while performing at high frequencies. With many different jacket types, structure, colors and lengths we are sure you will find the right Cat6A CMR cable for your next installation.