Cat6A Riser (CMR)

1000FT CAT6A CMR (Riser) - 10GB, UTP, 23AWG, Solid, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable
Our Cat6A unshielded cmr cable is a high performance solution for audio, video and data applications. UTP Cat6A CMR is...
1000FT CAT6A Shielded CMR (Riser) - 10GB, F/UTP, 23AWG, Solid, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable
Elite Cat6A shielded riser rated bulk networking cable is perfect for high speed installations. This cable is the step up...

Cat6A Riser (CMR) Bulk Networking Cable

Get your network flying with our collection of Cat6A riser cables. Shopping for ethernet cables has never been easier than with Infinity Cable Products. Our large collection of cables covers any installation type in any scenario. You'll find out Cat6A riser cables in two types that give you the necessary structures to power your network in your home, business, data center, commercial buildings or anywhere a ethernet cable connection is needed. Our top quality cables with affordable pricing gives you the best value in the industry. Enjoy certified cable, third party tested and fast shipments to your door step from our multiple locations. Learn more about what makes these bulk Cat6A riser cables great.

cat6a riser

Looking for consistent runs of 10Gb? Look no further. Cat6A cable is rated for 500MHz and 10Gb up to 100 meters (328 Feet). A great amount of length to be able to run cable all over your home or business. Cat6A cable gives you the added performance against near end crosstalk with a higher twist ratio. Not only that but unshielded Cat6A riser cable comes with a zig zag jacket design creating more separation between the pairs. More separation equals less crosstalk between the pairs. Cat6A cable comes in multiple colors as well. Take cable management to a whole other level with your favorite color or your business colors. Our easy to work with cable jackets give you the performance you need when terminating these cables.

cat6a riser

Our unshielded Cat6A riser cable is perfect for home and business installations. This UTP Cat6A cable gives you the performance needed for reliable and consistent runs of 10Gb. This cable is made with solid pure copper wires for optimal performance over long distances. The inside of this Cat6A riser cable has a zig zag jacket creating more space for the wires to be separated from each other. This gives you better performance with crosstalk. Unshielded Cat6A cable is compatible with unshielded RJ45 modular plugs and unshielded Cat6A keystone jacks. These pair nicely for a network you'll love for years to come.

shielded cat6a riser

Looking for protection from EMI or signal interference? Our shielded Cat6A riser cable is here for you. Getting 10Gb in areas with EMI has never been easier than with our FTP Cat6A cable. This cable comes constructed with shielding around all four twisted pairs. This ensures that your cable is protect from any unwanted signal interference. Pair this cable with Cat6A shielded modular plugs and keystone jacks for a reliable network of high speed.

Shopping with Infinity Cable Products makes the experience simple and easy. Our convenient check out process and vast catalog of networking items gives you the items you need to complete a total solution. Whether using shielded or unshielded Cat6A Riser cable you are sure to love the results. All of our cables have been tried and test for performance and compatibility with our collections. Cat6A riser cable is UL Listed and ETL Verified for safety compliance. Passing building code is no sweat with these certified cables. When quality, consistent 10Gb and certified cable is what you're looking for we are sure these Cat6A riser cables are going to be your networks favorite.



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