Cat5e Riser (CMR)

1000FT CAT5E CMR (Riser) - 24AWG, UTP, 350MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable
Our Elite Unshielded Cat5e CMR (Riser) bulk cable is great value with even more features than your standard Cat5e. This...
25 pair cat5e riser 500ft Sale
500FT Cat5e CMR Riser - (25 Pairs) 24AWG, UTP, Bulk Networking Cable
Elite 25 Pair Cat5e riser bulk ethernet cable is the perfect choice for riser rated installations. Cable that is put...
$352.99 $375.00
Cat5e riser shielded FTP bulk 1000ft 24awg tsr2404n09bu Sale
1000FT CAT5E Shielded CMR (Riser) - F/UTP 24AWG 350MHz Solid Bulk Networking Cable
Elite shielded Cat5e Riser (CMR) cable is perfect for home and business networks. This shielded Cat5e Riser (CMR) cable has...
$111.00 $172.00

Cat5e Riser (CMR) Bulk Networking Cable

You choice of Bulk Riser cable is here with Infinity Cable Products. Our selection of Cat5e Riser (CMR) cables has every selection you could need. Whether running cable in you home, new construction, office, back house, business or warehouse this Cat5e riser cable is a fan favorite. Rated for 1 gigabit up to 328 Feet (100 meters) this cable is here for you when long runs are necessary. Capable of holding signals better over longer distances than stranded cable this solid Cat5e cable is durable and easy to work with. Place it in the walls of your home, beneath the surface or in risers of buildings. Our collection of cable has multiple types and colors available for purchase. Getting Cat5e riser online has never been easier.

Riser rated cable is the go to when running cable inside the walls. Cat5e Riser cables jacket is made up of material making it suitable to be set in place for many years to come. You'll often see riser cable mentioned as CMR cable. The cmr in this cable stands for communications riser and meets a certain fire retardant rating. This gives it the capability to be places inside the walls vs general use cable. The great thing about riser cable is that it can replace general use cable. This is the type of cable you often see around the floor of your office. So easily run this cable from one side to the other. A truly multi use cable.

cat5e riser

A market veteran our unshielded Cat5e riser cable 24AWG has been trusted by many to power their networks. A popular choice among many for residential installation because of it's ease of use and compatibility with unshielded connectivity. This cables conductors are solid and pair perfectly with UTP RJ45's and Cat5e keystone jacks. Getting gigabit speeds with this cable is a walk in the park.

25 pair cat5e riser

Maybe you have an installation requiring multiple terminations? Ever wanted to run less cable but have more twisted pairs available? Well our 25 pair Cat5e cable is here to solve a need many have. This 24AWG cable comes bundled with 25 twisted pair copper wires. This gives you the freedom and customization to create multiple variations of terminations with less cable. Take this cable and put together a patch panel and keystone jacks with just one of these cables. This 25pair Cat5e riser cable is 500 feet in length and comes on a wooden spool for convenient pulls. Truly a wonder in the cabling industry.

shielded cat5e riser

Getting past EMI and signal interference can be a headache. Often it is unknown and you wonder why my network is having signal interference. Some of the common interference that affect Ethernet cables come for cell towers, power cables and heavy machinery. If only there was a cable that could be used against this? Well let us introduce you to our Cat5e shielded riser cable. This cable is constructed with foil around the four twisted pairs. When connected with shielded RJ45's and shielded keystone jacks this gives your network the shield it needs from EMI.  Shielded Cat5e riser cable is great for running in the walls or in risers and where ethernet connections could be. Connect your most used devices for a powerful network your family or business will love.

Getting certified and tested cable is one of the values we add. We try and test our cables for performance and safety standards. Our Cat5e riser bulk cable is tested by UL and ETL. These companies test our cables for safety performance and that they will meet CMR standards. The great thing about getting our UL certified cable is that it will pass building code and inspection. No need to worry about having to redo! Our cables use 100% pure copper wires for performance and safety. When powering your gigabit network our Cat5e riser cable gives you optimal conductivity vs cheaper alternatives (CCA). Take our unshielded Cat5e riser and shielded Cat5e riser cable and use it for PoE applications as well ! Getting the right Cat5e cable in the right place is the first step to a successful network.  We've go you covered in any scenario and your network will thank you for using Elite Cat5e cables.


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