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Low Voltage Landscape Wire

3 reviews

12/2 Low Voltage Landscape Wire

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14/2 Low Voltage Landscape Wire

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16/2 Low Voltage Landscape Wire


18/2 Low Voltage Landscape Wire


Low Voltage Landscape Wire


Enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces with our low voltage landscape wire. Ideal for lighting installations, our wire is perfect for illuminating gardens, accent lights, patio lighting, porches, walkways, decks, paths, spotlights, and even underwater lights. With our durable and reliable wire, you can easily create a stunning lighting setup that adds both function and style to your home or business. Whether you're an experienced landscaper or a DIY enthusiast, our low voltage landscape wire is the perfect choice for your outdoor lighting needs. So, if you want to add a touch of elegance and safety to your outdoor spaces, be sure to consider our landscape wire cables.


Our landscape wire cables are designed for outdoor installations and can be safely buried in a trench or underground. With a direct burial rating, our wire is perfect for lighting installations in any environment. In addition to being durable and reliable, our cables are also waterproof and UV resistant, ensuring they can withstand the elements and remain in top condition. We offer a variety of sizes, including Elite 12, 14, and 16AWG, so you can find the perfect wire for your needs. And with multiple lengths available, you can easily reach any light you need to. So, if you're looking for high-quality landscape wire cables that are built to last, be sure to check out our selection.

Which AWG Size To Use?

Different lighting applications require different AWG sizes. Depending on the Watts required and feet to install you will want to use a certain AWG size. We've written a simple guide for you to use: What Gauge Wire for Landscape Lighting?

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