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What Gauge Wire for Landscape Lighting?

by Jeff Atkins on July 11, 2022
what gauge wire for landscape lighting

Let's bring some brightness around your home or business! So let's jump in to a blog about what gauge wire is the best for landscape lighting.

Whether your wiring for LED or surrounding outdoor light fixtures this quick and simple guide will show you what cable to select.

Types of Landscape Wiring

There's a couple different options here when it comes to landscape wiring. Luckily we have some of the most popular options in stock to help you. The most popular gauge sizes you can find are 12/2, 14/2 and 16/2 AWG speaker wire.

When you see these numbers in front the cable this tells you the size of the conductors inside the cable. Each of these sizes performs well for different lengths and watts your need for you certain install.

Which Landscape Wire Lighting to Use?

Let's keep this article short and sweet because we're done the hard work for you. Here's a simple landscape wire AWG size chart you can see to figure out with cable is best for you.

Simply find the length of your cable run and the watts you need for your lighting system. This will give you the AWG size to pick.

low voltage landscape wire awg chart

The length in this chart goes up to 360 feet and the Watts up to 200. This gives you great coverage for majority of your installations. Most cable runs for outdoor landscape lighting is going to fall in to the 12, 14 or 16 AWG category.

You can shop here for our low voltage landscape wire.

Happy installing !


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