Bulk Network Cables

Shop bulk network cable at Infinity Cable Products. Everything you need to get your network up and running in your home, business and commercial buildings. Our collection is full of cables for all types of environments. All our cables have industry leading performance and safety certifications.

4 reviews

25 Pair Cat5e Riser (CMR) - 500ft, 24AWG, UTP, Bulk Networking Cable

2 reviews

Cat5e Stranded CM - 24AWG, UTP Bulk Networking Cable

7 reviews

Cat5e Plenum (CMP) - 24AWG, UTP, 350MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

2 reviews

Cat5e Shielded Stranded CM - 24AWG, 350MHz, FTP Bulk Networking Cable


Cat5e Shielded Stranded CM - 26AWG, 350MHz, FTP Bulk Networking Cable

8 reviews

Cat5e Riser (CMR) - 24AWG, UTP, 350MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

3 reviews

Cat5e Shielded Riser (CMR) - F/UTP 24AWG 350MHz Solid Bulk Networking Cable

2 reviews

Cat5e Shielded Plenum (CMP) - F/UTP, 24AWG, 350MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

3 reviews

Cat5e Outdoor CMX - 24AWG, UTP, 350Mhz, Bulk Networking Cable

4 reviews

Cat5e Shielded Outdoor CMX - 24AWG, FTP, Bulk Networking Cable

13 reviews

Cat6 Riser (CMR) - 23AWG, UTP, 550Mhz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6 Shielded Stranded CM - 24AWG, F/UTP, 550MHz, Bulk Network Cable


Cat6 Stranded CM - 26AWG, Shielded FTP Bulk Networking Cable

8 reviews

Cat6 Shielded Riser (CMR) - 23AWG, F/UTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

6 reviews

Cat6 Shielded Plenum (CMP) - 23AWG, F/UTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

6 reviews

Cat6 Plenum (CMP) - 23AWG, UTP, 550MHz, Solid, Bulk Ethernet Cable

4 reviews

Cat6 Ultra Slim Stranded CM - 28AWG, UTP, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6 Stranded CM - 24AWG, UTP, 550MHz, Bulk Networking Cable

7 reviews

Cat6A Shielded Plenum (CMP) - 10Gb, 23AWG, F/UTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

3 reviews

Cat6A Shielded Stranded CM - 10Gb, 26AWG, U/FTP, Bulk Networking Cable


Bulk Network Cables


Browse our large collection of bulk network cables for any type of job required. Choosing the right cable can make a huge difference in the overall performance of your home, office and business network. For more information on various cable topics head on over to our blog for helpful information. In this bulk network cables collection from Infinity Cable Products you'll find various cables in all the categories required to power your network. This includes bulk sizes for convenience and cost savings!

Bulk ethernet cables are used to connect one or multiple networking devices together. An example of these types of devices are computers, printers, scanners, fax machines, smart devices, gaming systems, access points, switches and hubs. You benefit from the bulk cable in that you get enough length to create your custom job. Having enough length of your cable helps in ensuring you router, modem or networking panel can get to all the areas in your home or business. 

Some of the most common types of bulk networking cables your will find are riser, plenum, cm rated, stranded and solid. All of these cables have an exact purpose and knowing which to choose in the right situation helps you have a successful installation and most importantly that you pass building code.

The cable jackets options of these bulk network cables in this collection are CM Rated, Riser or Plenum. CM rated cable is often stranded and great for short runs. Stranded cable is more flexible than solid cable and is meant usually for end to end applications. This can be between computers and wall plates or keystone jack patch panels. Bulk cm rated cable is perfect for creating custom length patch cords. Riser rated cable has a higher fire retardant rating than cm rated and is usually referred to as "CMR" cable. Riser (CMR) cable is meant to be installed in the walls, risers or between floors (non plenum) of your home or office. Riser rated bulk ethernet cable is solid cable which is great for long runs and its able to carry signals longer instances than stranded. Plenum cable has the highest fire retardant rating of them all. Plenum bulk networking cable is perfect for areas with air flow such as HVAC and between the ceilings. These cables have solid conductors as well and are good to go for long runs. Plenum cable can also be installed in the walls.

To top it all off in our bulk network cables we have options in shielded and unshielded cables. Shielded bulk cable is great for areas with EMI and signal interference. The shielding in the cables helps protect against those interference and its also assists in achieving higher frequencies. Unshielded bulk cable is your common ethernet cable type. This cable is often run in homes or business when no EMI is present. 

 Choosing the right connectors for your bulk network cables are vital in a systems success. In this collection you'll be able to pair these cables with connectors such as RJ45's, Field Termination Plugs and Keystone Jacks. Infinity Cable Products prides itself on top quality products and that is why certify and 3rd party test all our products. Our cables are UL, ETL and RoHs certified for a solution your home or business network will thank you for.

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