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Alarm Wire

22-2 Solid Alarm Wire - 500ft, CL3, in Wall

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22-2 Stranded Alarm Wire - 500ft, CL3, in Wall


22-4 Solid Alarm Wire - 500ft, CL3, in Wall


22-4 Stranded Alarm Wire - 500ft, CL3, in Wall


Alarm Wire


We're your go-to source for top-quality Fire Alarm Wire and Fire Alarm Cable, specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into any hardwired security system or hardwired alarm system. Our security system wires are crafted with reliability and performance in mind, meeting all safety standards while offering easy installation. Whether you're looking to secure your home or business, our wires are the reliable backbone you can count on for ultimate safety. So go ahead, make the smart safety choice with us!


Solid Alarm Wire: This option features a single, solid wire conductor, making it perfect for long-distance installations. Its rigidity ensures a stable and strong connection, making it the go-to choice for hardwired security systems where reliability over long runs is key.

Stranded Alarm Wire: Unlike its solid counterpart, Stranded Alarm Wire is made up of multiple smaller wires twisted together. This makes it highly flexible and ideal for installations where the wire needs to bend around corners or obstacles. It's the top pick for more complex hardwired alarm systems that require intricate routing.

Both types offer exceptional performance, but their different constructions make them suited for particular installation challenges. Choose the one that fits your project best!"