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Cat6 Bulk Cable

Shop Cat6 bulk cable at Infinity Cable Products. Install cables in your walls, room to room, outdoors and in plenum spaces. Our large collection of Cat6 bulk cables are suitable for gigabit speeds and 10 gigabit at shorter distances. All our cables have industry leading performance and safety certifications.

34 reviews

Cat6 Riser (CMR) - 23AWG, UTP, 550Mhz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

29 reviews

Cat6e Riser (CMR) - 24AWG, UTP, Solid, 600MHz Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

10 reviews

Cat6 Plenum (CMP) - 23AWG, UTP, 550MHz, Solid, Bulk Ethernet Cable

15 reviews

Cat6e Plenum (CMP) - 23AWG, UTP, 600MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

3 reviews

Cat6 Stranded CM - 24AWG, UTP, 550MHz, Bulk Networking Cable

9 reviews

Cat6 Shielded Plenum (CMP) - 23AWG, F/UTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

22 reviews

Cat6 Shielded Riser (CMR) - 23AWG, F/UTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

5 reviews

Cat6 Shielded Outdoor CMX - 23AWG, FTP, 550MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

6 reviews

Cat6 Ultra Slim Stranded CM - 28AWG, UTP, Bulk Networking Cable

7 reviews

Cat6 Outdoor CMX - 23AWG, 600MHz, Unshielded, UTP, Bulk Networking Cable

2 reviews

Cat6 Stranded CM - 26AWG, Shielded FTP Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6 Ultra Slim Stranded CM - 28AWG, UTP, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6 Bulk Cable


Hit the high speeds with our vast selection of Cat6 bulk cable. Our cables quality is sure to shine with performance, safety and efficiency at its core. This collection is filled with products for every situation. Whether building out your home network, installing cable at your business, or upgrading a previous network Cat6 cable is a great choice. Our vast selection gives you the ability to install this cable outdoors, in the walls or end to end between devices. Its bulk length gives you the freedom to customize your job and never have to worry about having enough length.

Cat6 bulk cable is one of the most popular cables in the market today. This cable has been installed in numerous homes and businesses and continues to be a popular choice among top rated installers. This cables performance clocks in at 1Gb up to 100 meters in length. The added bonus with Cat6 is that it has the ability to achieve 10Gb up to 33-55 meters under ideal conditions. So not only can you rely on Cat6 cable to get you gigabit but you have the benefits of future proofing yourself if 10Gb is ever needed. Already have previous category cables installed? This cable is backwards compatible with previous versions for convenient connections.

Browsing our vast selection of bulk Cat6 cable will show you all different types and structures. Some of the cables types you will see are riser, plenum, unshielded and shielded. These options have any situation covered such as a residential indoor installations or outdoors under your awning. Cat6 cables also come in numerous AWG sizes for when smaller or larger conductors sizes are needed.

It's important to get the right cable in the right place and Infinity Cable Products has you covered. We carry bulk Cat6 cable in stranded form for when tight area installations are needed. You might even want to create ultra thin patch cords with our 28awg Cat6 cable. If you're looking to put the cable in the walls then bulk riser cable is a start. This cable has a higher fire retardant rating than "CM" cable and is built with a jacket suitable for risers or in wall installations. If you have areas with return air or air circulation then bulk Cat6 plenum cable is the go to. Plenum cable has the highest fire retardant rating for ethernet cables and is built for areas between the ceiling or HVAC's that circulate air. Now for the great outdoors our bulk Cat6 outdoor cable is ready to tackle any condition. This cables jacket is able to withstand rain, wind or shine. Perfect for directly burying in the ground or placing under your roofs awning.

Getting cable on a reel or wooden spool gives the convenience you need with pulls and consistent cable lays. Our bulk Cat6 cables come in eco friendly pull boxes making pulls a breeze. Shielded or stranded cable might come on wooden spools to protect the inner shielding during pulls. Infinity Cable Products prides itself on offering affordable high quality cable. We test, try and certify all our ethernet cables. Shopping with Infinity is easy with our convenient check out process and if you ever have any questions feel free to contact us by email or phone. Shopping online for Cat6 cable should be made easy and we are sure you will find the right cable for your next installation.

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