blue cat6 cm stranded 24awg utp TPM240470BU
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black cat6 stranded cm 24awg utp TPM2404N70BL
cat6 stranded 24awg cable ul
bulk green cat6 utp cm rated ethernet cables
gray colored cat6 unshileded utp cable
orange cat6 utp cable in an easy to pull box
pink bulk cat6 utp stranded cable
red ethernet cable cat6 utp 1000 ft
violet colored stranded bulk cable 1000 feet in a box
white cat6 stranded bulk cable 1000 feet
yellow bulk ethernet cable cat6 UTP CM rated stranded
  • SKU: TPM2404N70GY

Cat6 Stranded CM - 24AWG, UTP, 550MHz, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6 stranded 24AWG cable is perfect for short runs and custom length patch cables. This Cat6 cable is super flexible giving you the ability to install in tight areas such as behind computers and in networking racks. All one thousand feet comes well packaged in an easy to pull box making the process of patch cords easier than ever. With all our different colors to choose from this cable is perfect for any stranded cable job. Get a longer flex life and gigabit speeds with this Cat6 24AWG stranded cable.


  • Get gigabit speeds up to 328 feet
  • Achieve up to 10Gb at shorter distances
  • Unshielded cable for everyday use and easily pairs with unshielded connectors
  • More flexible and has a longer flex life than solid cable
  • Install in tight spaces such as behind computers and networking enclosures
  • Stranded pure copper conductors for optimal signal strength
  • UL Listed for safety and performance compliance
Brand Elite
Category Cat6 Stranded
Jacket PVC
Wire Gauge 24AWG
Shielding Unshielded
Frequency 550MHz
Twisted Pairs 4
Structure U/UTP
Rip Cord Yes, Polyester yarn
Cable O.D. 5.4 ± 0.2 mm
Conductor Stranded, Pure Copper
Conductor O.D. 0.97 - 1.01 ± 0.02 mm
Installation Temp 0°C to 60°C
Bending Radius 4 X Overall Diameter
PoE IEEE 802.3af,at | PoE, PoE+
Applications 1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-TX
Length 1000 Feet
Weight 28 lbs.


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Infinity Cable Products prides itself on offering the highest quality products possible. Our Cat6 24AWG Stranded (CM) cable is tried and tested to ensure performance and compatibility. 


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