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Speaker Wires

Shop speaker wires at Infinity Cable Products. Speaker wire is perfect for setting up audio applications in your home or business. Select from our high strand pure copper audio cables for performance that will have your system rocking. Not only that but they are packed full of features for easy installation. All our cables have industry leading performance and safety certifications.

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14/2 Speaker Wire - 14AWG 2 Conductor, CL2/CL3R, In Wall, 105 Strands

9 reviews

14/4 Speaker Wire - 14AWG 4 Conductor, CL2/CL3R, In Wall, 105 Strands

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16/2 Speaker Wire - 16AWG 2 Conductor, CL2/CL3R, In Wall, 65 Strands

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16/4 Speaker Wire - 16AWG 4 Conductor, CL2/CL3R, In Wall, 65 Strands


Speaker Wires


Audio cables are used for sound systems, video game consoles, electronic instruments, and microphones to name a few applications. The ones we sell at Infinity Cable are highly durable and come in bulk, perfect for any manufacturers of the aforementioned appliances.

Our bulk speaker cables are constructed using quality materials. We offer two types of Audio cable, ADO and SADO. They also come in either 2 pair or 4 pair conductors. We have a variety of gauge sizes such as 12AWG, 14AWG, and 16WG.


DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM:  SADO uses Oxygen free copper, has a higher copper content, thicker jacket, more flexible.


Audio cable comes in 500ft pull boxes. Our boxes are Reelex Patented designed for easier smooth pulling.

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