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Cat7A Riser Cable

Shop Cat7A riser cable at Infinity Cable Products. Riser cable is suitable for installation in wall, attics and beneath flooring in non plenum spaces. Get high speeds up to 10Gb in your home, business or data center. Cat7A riser cable comes double shielded for high frequencies and protection from Electromagnetic Interference. All our cables have industry leading performance and safety certifications.

38 reviews

Cat7A Shielded CMR (Riser) - 10Gb, 23AWG, 1000MHz, S/FTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

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Cat7A & CAT8 Shielded RJ45 Plugs - 8P8C

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Cat8 Field Termination Plug RJ45


Cat7A Riser Cable


Boosting your networks performance is made easy with Infinity Cable Products. Our collection of high performing cables consists of any speeds you are looking for. If you're wanting to upgrade your network or install a fresh system then Cat7A Riser cable is the perfect choice. Packing a powerful punch this cable advances on Cat6A cables and gives you future proofing benefits for many years to come.

Cat7A cable is rated for 1000MHz and 10Gb up to 100 meters (328 Feet). A really long distance! Our Cat7A riser cables have solid conductors which make it great for powering signals over longer distances. It's structure is S/FTP which has foil shielding around each pair and a braid for extra protection from EMI. The shielding also adds performance to the cable making it able to achieve such high frequencies Whether running cable in your home or office this Cat7A riser cable is a great choice. Riser rated cable is (CMR) cable which makes it suitable to be installed in the walls, general use, floor to floor or in risers of buildings. The CMR rating helps the cable reduce the spread of flames for safety measures. Cat7A riser cable is strong and comes on a wooden spool for convenient and even cable pulls which protect the shield inside.

Take your network to the next level with Cat7A riser cable. This cable handles 10Gb over long distances, is shielded to protect against EMI and can be installed in the walls of residential or commercial structures and buildings. When power and future proofing is what you want Cat7A is the perfect solution. Infinity Cable Products offer shopping online for cable easy and affordable. Our cables are tried and tested to  ensure performance and safety compliance. Our Cat7A riser is UL certified passing flame test and material and construction tests. Get the color you need as well with our collection of blue, black and white cables. Take cable management to another level.

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