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Cat6A Patch Cables - Slim Line Boot, 26AWG, Shielded, U/FTP, Stranded, RJ45, Pure Copper

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Elite Cat6A shielded patch cables are UL listed and ETL verified to ensure quality performance and meet TIA/EIA 568A and 568B standards. Ultimate performance is essential, turn to our 50 micron gold plated Cat6A shielded stranded patch cables. With high quality, copper core conductors, our Stranded Patch cords offer unparalleled performance in any networking environment. Hard wire from your router to your computer, modem to router, path panel to networking device or a more reliable connection for gaming. This cable does is all and with a variety of colors & lengths to choose from you can bring any network up to speed.

  • Boost your network with 10Gb speeds
  • Shielded for protection from EMI
  • Slim Line Boots for saving room in network enclosure and patch panel
  • ETL Verified ANSI/ TIA/ EIA
  • 568B Category 6A. UL / CSA listed
  • 8P8C Super Performance Modular Plug, 50u" gold plating
  • Molded snag-free boot for easy installation
  • Connect easily in to any ethernet port and Cat6A connectivity


Infinity Cable Products prides itself on offering the highest quality products possible. Our Cat6A Shielded Patch Cables are tried and tested to ensure performance and compatibility. 

cat6a shielded patch cables


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