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cat6 utp keystone jack green
cat 6 keystone jack ul certified
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cat 6 utp keystone jack grey cmr cable
cat6 keystone jack unshielded for riser cable
cat6 90 degree keystone jack ivory
cat6 90 degree keystone jack black
cat6 90 degree keystone jack orange
cat6 90 degree keystone jack white
blue cat 6 unshileded keystone jack 90 degrees
cat6 keystone jack 90 degree yellow
  • SKU: KJ-E8-C6AB-GR

Cat6 Keystone Jack - 90 Degree, UTP, Punch Down

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Cat6 Keystone Jack modules is a standardized snap-in package for mounting a variety of low-voltage electrical jacks or optical connectors into a keystone wall plate face plate, surface-mount box, or a patch panel. These keystone jacks are 8 position 8 conductor. Fit easily with terminated ethernet cables. Punch down with a Cat6 networking tool for solid contact and a clean look. These Cat6 keystone jacks are UL listed for safety measures and come packaged with a cover cap. Choose from our large section of color to organize your cable management or match up with your choice of cable.


  • Use with Cat6 or cat6e cable unshielded cable. This can be stranded, riser or plenum rated ethernet cable.
  • Perfect fit for you patch panels. The keystone jacks snap into any Cat6 patch panel for easy installation
  • UL Certified for safety and quality compliance
  • Terminate your cable wires with T568A or T568B. The wiring schemes are labeled on the side of the keystone jacks.
  • 90° Keystone jack is for a cable going straight into the jack. These come with a cap to overlay the wires with for connections and to protect the wires
  • Category 6 keystone jacks are also backwards compatible with any Cat5e unshielded cable.

Q: Can these keystone jacks be used with Cat6e cable?

A: Yes, this keystone jack can be used with our Cat6e riser or plenum cable. We recommend using this unshielded plug to connect with this jack.

Q: What tool is recommended?

A: When terminating Cat6 keystone jacks we recommend to use a Cat6 punch down tool or the network stripping tool which has a punch down feature as well. Make sure that the wires are fully contacted for optimal performance.

Q: Can you use Cat6 keystone jacks with Cat5e?

A: Absolutely ! Cat6 keystone jacks are backwards compatible with Cat5e and Cat5 cables.

Q: Will these 90 degree cat6 keystone jacks fit in to an size of your wall plates?

A: Our Cat6 keystone jack can fit in to any ports of our wall plates. You can fill all of the ports with these plugs and they will fit. Make sure to terminate your cables on to the jacks first. Shop for etherent wall plates

Q: T568A or T568B?

A: For these keystone jacks you can choose whichever wire scheme you like. Both the color guides are on the side of these wall jacks.

Q: Can these jacks fit in to surface mount boxes?

A: Yes, these Cat6 jacks can fit in to our surface mount boxes. They are a great way to add connections to just about any locations. Shop for surface mount boxes.