1000FT CAT6 CMR (Riser) - 23AWG, UTP, 550Mhz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

Part #: TUR2404N70
Our Cat6 CMR (Riser) bulk cable is designed with headroom for tomorrow's emerging high speed LAN technologies. Cat 6 cmr bulk (LAN) cables are perfect for Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, Broadband Video and PoE....


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Our Cat6 CMR (Riser) bulk cable is designed with headroom for tomorrow's emerging high speed LAN technologies. Cat 6 cmr bulk (LAN) cables are perfect for Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, Broadband Video and PoE. This CMR rated cable is to be installed in non plenum areas, the walls and can be placed in between the floors. Our Cat6 cmr cable is built to last and perform up to standards that will make any project successful. The features are top of the line performance with this product boasting a high performance of transmission frequencies up to 550 MHz. This Cat6 cable is built without a spline for when greater flexibility is needed. We've included more insulation on this cable to give you the performance you want against near end crosstalk. Our advanced designed box has the strength to hold up in any condition and makes pulling a breeze. On top of that the Reelex II box is Eco-Friendly and is 100% recyclable. The structure is perfectly assembled to master any project and configure for horizontal and buildings backbone. Quality comes first with Infinity Cable so you know what you are getting is truly a step ahead. We only use one hundred percent real copper for greater performance and to meet industry wide Cat6 standards. All one thousand foot of the jacket is marked every 2 feet so you know how much length is left. Choosing your desired jacket color is easy as we have many different options available. Pair this cable with Cat6 unshielded connectors for a network your home or business has always wanted.

  • Cat6 cable is rated for 1Gb
  • Cat6 cable can achieve 10Gb at shorter distances
  • Built without a spline
  • Riser (CMR) jacket is for installs inside the walls and between the floors of your home or business
  • Pure copper solid conductors give you optimal signal performance
  • Reelex II packaging for easy pulls with twist free cable
  • Frequency tested to 550MHz
  • Customize your cable run with bulk 1000ft length
  • UL Listed for safety and performance compliance

Cat6 CMR Specifications:

Brand Elite
Category Cat6
Jacket PVC
Wire Gauge 23AWG
Shielding Unshielded
Frequency 550MHz
Twisted Pairs 4
Structure U/UTP
Cross Filler No
Rip Cord Yes
Cable O.D. 5.4 ± 0.2 mm
Conductor Solid, Pure Copper
Conductor O.D. 0.97 - 1.04 ± 0.02 mm
Installation Temp 0°C to 60°C
Bending Radius 4 X Overall Diameter
PoE IEEE 802.3af,at | PoE. PoE+
Applications 1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-TX and 1Gb
HDBaseT Yes
TAA Compliant Yes
Length 1000 Feet
Weight 27 lbs.


Infinity Cable Products prides itself on offering the highest quality products possible. Our Cat6 CMR cable is tried and tested to ensure performance and compatibility. 


cat6 cmr certifications


Cat6 Riser Specification

Q:  Can this cable be used for poe?

A:  Yes this cable can absolutely be used for poe applications.

Q:  Is this cable resistant to weather?

A:  This cable is mainly for indoors, however if placed in conduit it can get by being outdoors but for how long it depends on your weather conditions so we do recommend our cat6 outdoor cable for those type of installs.

Q:  Does this cable have a spline?

A:  This specific cable does not have a spline. This cable will perform to cat 6 standards and without the spline it does make the cable a little more flexible which some people like. There is more insulation on this cable around the wires for performance against near end crosstalk. If your preference is to work without a spline this a a great solution.

Q:  Certification marked on the jacket?

A:  Yes this Cat6 cmr cable has UL certification on our jacket. Happy to say that all our cables have the certification marked on the jacket.

Q:  Are the wires on this cable pure copper?

A:  We only supply networking cable that has pure copper wires. Anything else will result in low quality and among other things

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