networking ethernet cable jacket stripping tool with punch down feature
cable stripping stool with punch down
punch down tool for ethernet cable
  • SKU: T-110R

Network Cable and Wire Stripper Cutter Tool

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This time saving Economic Stripper & Punch Down Tool is perfect for stripping different size of shielded, unshielded and solid or stranded wires. Small in size this tool is easy to take on the go. An installers favorite accessory this tool is also capable of punching down wires into connectivity such as keystone jacks. This multi functional tool saves you time on all your projects and with its low pricing this tool is a must have for anybody new to networking cable or the seasoned professional.


  • Make stripping off the jacket of your cable easy and save time
  • Fits many different AWG cables
  • Get multiple uses out of this durable and portable tool
  • Multi function for the ability to punch down wires into keystone jacks
About Stripping function to make jacket cutting easier
Use For Unshielded or Shielded ethernet cables
Cable Types Use for solid or stranded cables
Punch Down Function Yes
AWG From 22AWG to 28AWG cables
Color Yellow