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What is Reelex II Packaging?

by Tom Niswander on December 14, 2017

Infinity Cable Products is constantly looking to offer our customers the best cable experience in the industry. We strive to work with the latest and greatest technologies available.

One of those is our cable packaging. Reelex packaging solutions is the technology we use to box our bulk network cables.

We often get asked what Reelex II is or what are the benefits of a costlier box?

Let us help break down some of the packaging questions you might have regarding our bulk cables.

Reelex II technologies can be summed up into having a larger feeder tube and ensuring higher performance during installations.

It is a trademarked technology which advances on the positioning of the tube and coil creating a larger mouth for more smooth pulls and tangle free cable.

The reelex box creation dates back to 1999 when payout performance was to become key and its ability to increase the bending radius of category cable was increasingly important.

By doing so the cables signal performance is benefiting from the larger payout hole helping to even out the cables and its twisting.

Not only is the structure of the box with the cable important but the packaging materials themselves.

We are happy to share that the Reelex II boxes we use are Eco-Friendly. As a way to cut down on waste in the planet and job sites you know that all the materials used in the packaging can be recycled.

The cardboard boxes can be flattened and the rest of the packaging materials can be brought to your local municipal facilities to be recycled.

Lets also get into the way the cable is coiled. The Reelex technology has brought on a figure eight pattern of the cable when it is coiled or wrapped together. This is to help ensure that the cable is pulled out smooth with no tangles.

 Reelex coiled cable

reelex II blue coiled cable

So take a look at your cable and see how it is wrapped/coiled together. It should look crisscrossed or more commonly referred to as a figure 8. Other cables will have basic wrapping with no design or pattern to it. They will not have the controlled payout holes / figure eight (Which can be seen in the picture above).

The coils in reelex are evenly laid in the box. The non figure eight cable can cause damage over time to the product when it is packaged in the box. During transfer to distributors and the end user, the eventual use of the cables performance can be interfered with.

Non reelex cable tangles in box

not reelex II technology cable wrapping/coil

This total packing solution is not offered by everyone. With a high performance package comes higher costs and majority of cable companies will look to other solutions to reduce cost. We believe that our customers should be offered the best of the best.

That is why we offer and believe in using reelex II packaging on majority of our bulk cables from cat5e to cat6 cables. Our easy to pull boxes will clearly display the Reelex logo on the boxes so you know you are getting true Reelex technology.

 Reelex vs. Non-Reelex

difference between reelex and non reelex 2 cable packing blue and white ethernet cable


You can check out an example of our reelex packaging on our bulk cable here at Cat6 riser cable.

We hope you found this article on what is Reelex II packaging helpful. Reelex coils and packaging design is a great addition to any cable. It gives you the best pulling experience in the industry. Say no more to tangles and twists when pulling.

Have you had any experiences with reelex cable technology? How did it go? Or what is your experience with using non reelex technology? Comment below and let us know


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