The Importance of UL Stickers

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The Importance of UL Stickers

First and foremost, UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory. A UL sticker is given to cables and wires that meet certain safety requirements, regulatory codes, and risk compliances.

Products can be UL Verified once they have been evaluated for transmission performance so that they can be used in the IT and technology industries.

ul listed high quality cable

UL Labels do come with specifications on what conditions the attached product should be used in (referring to the different kinds of labels listed above).

Back in October 1st, 2010, UL had also come up with the  Holographic UL marks for cables. These were made to prevent counterfeit products from entering the marketplace. Below is a photo of what the label looks like.

UL certified infinity cable products

All of Infinity Cable Products are UL verified just so that they are safe to use within their labeled conditions.

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