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The Importance of UL Stickers

by Quan Thach on September 05, 2019
the importance of UL stickers

Ever got a cable that just doesn't work or isn't what you thought it would be? Well we've been there and its a bummer. It's very important in today's age that you can trust the source of your cable and what you order is actually the cable you will receive and not a knockoff masked as "high end". One of the companies out there ensuring the product you receive is safe and functions properly is UL. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory, a company that does testing for all sorts of products ranging from our industry, cable all the way to light bulbs and kitchen appliances. In this article we are going to cover the importance of UL stickers.

What Is a UL Sticker?

The golden star of achievement with this company is actually a shiny bronze UL sticker. A UL sticker is given to cables and wires that meet certain safety requirements, regulatory codes, and risk compliance. These cables will go through stringent testing to ensure all materials such as fire retardant and insulation works to code and performance is met. This is considered the highest level of testing as this is the company that created the testing standards. UL holds the toughest testing in the industry and goes through great lengths to ensure that companies continue to provide top of the line safety standards.

You'd might be surprised to know, that a lot of the low cost cable you buy out there burns up like paper when lit. We see companies all the time use just enough material to get by in performance and jacket ratings by non UL labs. But that just isn't good enough for us.

We pride ourselves on quality and the most important aspect to that is safety.

We are happy to provide all our networking cables with UL Listed verification

How Does UL Work?

Products can be UL Verified once they have been evaluated for safety and transmission performance so that they can be used in the IT and technology industries. Some of the symbols used are shown here:


ul listed high quality cable


UL Labels do come with specifications on what conditions the attached product should be used in (referring to the different kinds of labels listed above).

Back in October 1st, 2010, UL had also come up with the  Holographic UL marks for cables. These were made to prevent counterfeit products from entering the marketplace. Below is an example photo of what the UL label could looks like.


UL certified infinity cable products


The Importance of UL

What sets UL apart from all the other testing laboratories is the testing standards. UL created the testing standards and all the other laboratories test to UL standards. This is no guarantees that your product has UL safety ratings and performance if it is from anyone but UL. UL is the most costly and difficult to get certified by. The added bonus with UL is that they are routinely checking products from companies that have the UL certification. This ensures that each and every product or cable you get meets the standards. Something that can not be said for others.


We hope you enjoyed this short read on the importance of UL sticker on your products. Elite branded products and cables have all gone through the testing to receive UL certifications. This ensures that your products are good to go in any environment they are intended for.

We want to thank you for putting quality first !



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