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Solid Conductor and Pure Copper Cable?

by Quan Thach on October 10, 2019
solid conductor and pure copper cable

I wanted to take some time to hopefully clear some things up about various ethernet cable topics and this is one of them. When going through the purchasing experience we usually get asked is the cable solid copper? And when talking about our networking cables our answer is always, YES!

We only supply pure/solid networking copper cables. Whether in bulk or patch cord form.

This is where some clarification might come in handy on what a solid conductor and pure copper cable is. When we talk about solid copper cables we are talking about the conductors inside the cables. The wires themselves can either be solid or stranded. Solid copper conductors means the cables wires are one long solid wire instead of multiple copper strands forming one wire like stranded cable. You can find some more information here on the differences between solid vs stranded conductors.

What's important to know here is that you want your wires Pure Copper.  You don't want to end up getting a cable to only find out it is copper clad aluminum (cca). For networking cable purposes like Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, etc you want your cables to be pure copper. Copper clad aluminium can not be certified and is just a cheap alternative that only benefits the manufacturer. On top of this cca cable will not meet building code. So what might save you money up up front can hurt you in the back end if you ever have to re install or performance doesn't measure up.

We often see sellers list items as solid copper conductors (cca). This is means that the cable has solid conductors that are made up copper clad aluminum instead of pure copper.  

By choosing pure copper cables you will get overall better performance and not cause any more attenuation problems than you need. Certified pure copper cables will pass building code, give you better signal and will last longer. CCA cable will have higher dc resistance and reduces the amount of power that is transferred which using it for POE (Power over Ethernet) is a no no.

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