Patch Cord Cables

CAT6 Slim Line Patch Cords - 24AWG - UTP
Our CAT6 Snag-Free Ethernet Patch Cable, Slim Line Boots are High Performance 100% Pure Copper cable. They come in a...
CAT6 Ultra Slim Ethernet Patch Cords - 28AWG - UTP
Our ultra slim Cat6 Premium 28 AWG  unshielded patch cables are perfect for Ethernet applications. The slim size of these...
CAT6A Slim Line Boot Patch Cords
Elite CAT6A Snag-Free Ethernet Patch Cable 750MHz, Slim Line Boots, High Performance 100% Pure Copper, (Variety of colors to choose...
What is Patch Cord?

A patch cord is a cable wire that has connectors on each end used to connect end devices to power sources. These cables are used mainly as connectors from one electronic device to another. Patch cords are typically copper cables that have RJ45 connectors on both ends. A patch cord may also be referred to as patch cable.


Why Choose Our Patch Cord?

Infinity Cable offers Elite brand patch cords, which has superior construction using pure bare copper with speeds exceeding EIA/TIA standards. Our stranded patch cords come in a variety of colors and lengths to choose from. We offer CAT6 28AWG Gauge Patch cords, also known as Ultra Slim Cat6 Cable, with an overall diameter of 3.8mm compared to normal Cat6 Cable with an overall diameter of 5.8mm. We also offer standard Cat6 slim line boots and Cat6a slim line boots patch cords.


✔ UL Listed                                   ✔ RoHS Compliant

✔ ETL Verified                               ✔ 3rd Party Tested


Our patch cords are compatible with our Elite series patch panels.