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Where to get bulk Ethernet cables in Los Angeles?

by Jeff Atkins on July 11, 2017

The city of Los Angeles is vast. It is filled with landmarks, tourist attractions, shopping centers, and hiking trails.

Many businesses and services are around to fill many different types of needs. One thing for sure is that most businesses need some type of telecommunication infrastructure or Ethernet set up.

From security, to the telephone, internet, cable and data businesses are always needing category cable.

You might be wondering where to go for your type of cable requirements. Well, look no further!

Infinity Cable Products has you covered. It might be tough finding the right supplier for bulk cables near me in Los Angeles but Infinity Cable is here to help. Looking for:

We carry all this cable in stock!

We have the best quality cable in the industry. Our category cable is 100% bare copper opposed to (CCA), Copper Clad Aluminum cable. Copper clad aluminum can have negative effects on the connection of cables. So we highly recommend using solid bare copper when you choose your networking cable.

Infinity's Bulk cable is tested, and holds many certificates to show the quality that is the cable and the total process behind it.

Some of these certifications are UL Listed, RoHS Compliant, 3rd party tested and our pull boxes are marked with the certificates.

The Ethernet cable itself has its own specific specifications and UL printed marking on the jacket. Every 2 feet we have the length marked so you know how much feet there are and what the length you have left is.

You cannot go wrong with this cable if you are an installer. Our Reelex II pull boxes are top of the line. Decreasing all kinking issues to make pulls as smooth as possible. The boxes are created with large funnels to straighten out the cable during installation.

Our Reelex boxes are environmentally friendly because they can be 100% recycled. When you are finished with an install the box itself and the cone can be recycled responsibly to a recycling facility.

With all this said you can be sure to trust that what you are getting is top of the line bulk cable and accessories. Our Ethernet cable is low priced to help your budget making purchasing from Infinity a delight.

Our experienced staff is here to help so please feel free to contact us when looking for Ethernet cable near you at any time. We can be reached here at 310-327-7678 or online at

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by Anonymous on August 29, 2017

Nice article, found you guys from this. Great pricing, thanks!


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