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DIY Cables

can you use cat5e cable in cat6 patch panel

Can You Use Cat5e Cable in Cat6 Patch Panel

If you're new to networking or looking to install a...
by Hao Feng on February 06, 2023
top 7 places to add speaker in your home

The Top 7 Places to Add Speakers in Your Home

I remember the first time I added speakers to my...
by Tom Niswander on January 09, 2023
cat6 patch cable being used to connect to a router

15 Ways To Use Your Cat6 Patch Cables

A Cat6 patch cable, also known as a Cat6 Ethernet...
by Tom Niswander on December 15, 2022
how to test speaker wire with battery

How To Test Speaker Wire With Battery

Testing speaker wire with a battery is a simple and...
by Jeff Atkins on December 14, 2022
how to wire a keystone jack

How To Wire A Keystone Jack

A keystone jack is a go-to for crafting Ethernet connections,...
by Tom Niswander on November 13, 2020
how to extend ethernet cable

How To Extend Ethernet Cable?

Have an ethernet cable that just doesn't quite reach where...
by Jeff Atkins on August 25, 2020
maximum cable pulling force

Maximum Cable Pulling Force

The cable installation process can have many different aspects you...
by Jeff Atkins on May 18, 2020
how to pull ethernet cable from box

How to Pull Ethernet Cable From Box

There are many factors when it comes to installing cable...
by Quan Thach on April 08, 2020
how to attach a keystone jack to wall plate

How To Attach Keystone Jack To Wall Plate

Table of Contents How To Attach Keystone Jack to Wall...
by Tom Niswander on March 31, 2020
how to choose cat6 plenum

How To Choose Cat6 Plenum Cable

Getting the right plenum cable for your installation is important...
by Tom Niswander on March 04, 2020
does it matter what color my ethernet cable is

Does It Matter What Color My Ethernet Cable Is?

When starting the purchasing journey for ethernet cable there are...
by Tom Niswander on December 10, 2019
cable management why is it important

Cable Management: Why Is It Important?

The overall process of cable management is important to any...
by Jeff Atkins on January 15, 2018
when should you use cat6a cable

When should you use Cat6A cable?

Understanding Cat6A Cable With the ever-advancing cable technologies today, understanding...
by Tom Niswander on August 29, 2017

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