Communications (CM) Bulk Network Cable

CAT5E Stranded CM - UTP - 1000 FT.
Get top of the line network solutions with this Cat5E (category 5E) bulk cable and not worry about having to...
CAT6 Stranded CM - 24AWG - UTP - 1000FT
The Cat 6 is a favorite cable for the person looking to do custom patch cords. This cat6 cable is...
Cat6 Stranded CM - 26AWG - STP - 1000FT
This Cat6 stranded CM rated bulk ethernet cable is well suitable for Gigabit Ethernet, ATM and Broadband Video.  It has...
CAT6 Stranded CM - 26AWG - UTP - 1000FT
Get top of the line network solutions with this category 6 bulk cable and not worry about having to upgrade...
CAT6 Ultra Slim Stranded CM - 28 AWG - UTP - 1000FT
Our elite Cat6 Ultra Slim stranded cable is 3.8mm vs 5.4mm standard CAT6 cable. This cable is used in short runs between...
CAT6A 10G Stranded CM Rated - 26AWG - U/FTP - 1000FT
 Cat6a 10G stranded bulk cable is the perfect solution for patch cords. It is an enhanced version of Cat6 and...
What is CM Cable?

Communications (CM) cable is for general use, or use in areas where there are no fire codes in place. CM cable has the lowest flame retardant rating. These cables are commonly used as patch cords.


What is the difference between CM, CMR, CMP?

Here’s a quick coverage of the difference between all three:


CM Cable = Communication = Patch Cable: lowest flame retardant rating

CMR Cable = Riser or PVC: inside walls (not plenum); insulation is polyethylene; jacket is low grade Fire Retardant PVC

CMP Cable = Plenum; in ceiling; fire retardant; insulation for conductor is Teflon (FEP); withstands to 400 deg.


The Best Prices on CM Cable

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✔ UL Listed                                          ✔ RoHS Compliant

✔ ETL Verified                                      ✔ 3rd Party Tested


All of our cables are tested above industry standards by 3-5 DB extra margin!