Riser (CMR) Bulk Network Cable

1000FT CAT6A 10G CMR (Riser) Shielded F/UTP 23AWG Solid Bulk Networking Cable
Our Cat6A riser rated bulk cable is perfect for in wall installations. This cable is the step up version from...
blue cat6e riser cable in an easy to pull box tur2404n70bu-s cat6e riser rated bulk cable close up of wire Sale
1000FT CAT6e CMR (Riser) 24AWG UTP 600MHz Solid Bulk Networking Cable
Our enhanced cat6 cable is prepared to take on any job. Cat6e bulk cable is built with a spline in...
$96.00 $102.00
blue cat5e riser rated bulk ethernet cable tur2404n09bu close up pictures of cat5e riser rated bulk cable Sale
1000FT CAT5E CMR (Riser) 24AWG UTP Solid Bulk Networking Cable
Cat5e UTP riser bulk cable is great value with even more features that your standard cat5e. This bulk cat5e cable is...
$71.00 $72.00
blue cat6 riser cmr 23awg UTP 1000 Feet TUR2404N70BU cat6 cmr riser utp wire close up Sale
1000FT CAT6 CMR (Riser) 23AWG UTP 550Mhz Solid Bulk Networking Cable
Our riser rated bulk cable is designed with headroom for tomorrow's emerging high speed LAN technologies, these Cat 6 bulk...
$93.00 $98.00
1000FT CAT6 Shielded CMR (Riser) - 23AWG - STP
Infinity's Cat 6 CMR bulk Ethernet cable is perfectly designed with headroom for tomorrow's emerging high speed LAN technologies. This...
cat5e riser rated 25 pairs UTP 500ft. tur2425n09gy close up of 25 pairs on cat5e riser bulk cable Sale
Cat5E CMR Riser (25 Pairs) 24 AWG UTP 500 Feet Bulk Networking Cable
Cat5e 25 Pair bulk ethernet cable is the perfect choice for riser rated installs. Cable that is put into the...
$352.99 $375.00
CAT6A 10G CMR (Riser)- 23AWG - UTP - 1000FT
FEATURES: Category 6A Riser (In Wall Rated) Unshielded UTP 23 AWG 4 Pairs Built with Spline for better Near End...
cat5e riser shielded FTP bulk 1000 ft. 24 gage close up of cat5e riser rated STP bulk cable Sale
1000FT CAT5E CMR (Riser) F/UTP 24AWG 350MHz Solid Bulk Networking Cable
Our enhanced cat5e cable is top of the line in its category. It enhances on regular cat5 by improving on...
$111.00 $172.00
What is Riser Cable?

Riser (CMR) cable, also referred to as PVC, are constructed using polyethylene as insulation; jacket is low grade Fire Retardant PVC. Riser cable is used for wiring your home or office for high-speed network. Riser cable can be a substitute for Communications CM or unrated applications.


Where to Install Riser Cable?

CMR cable is constructed to prevent fires from spreading floor to floor in vertical installations. It can be used when cables need to be run in-wall between floors through risers or vertical shafts. The fire requirements on riser cable are not as strict.


Infinity Cable Offers Lowest Prices on Riser Cable

We offer the competitive pricing on CMR cables. Our cables exceed standard performances in today’s market. You will have a peace of mind knowing that you’re getting quality cables at discounted prices.


✔ UL Listed                                        ✔ RoHS Compliant

✔ ETL Verified                                    ✔ 3rd Party Tested


Our cables are tested to exceed standard performance by 3-5 DB extra margin above EIA/TIA standards!


For maximum performance consider our keystone jacks and patch panels compatible with our CMR cables.