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Bulk Plenum Cable

17 reviews

Cat5e Plenum (CMP) - 24AWG, UTP, 350MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

4 reviews

Cat5e Shielded Plenum (CMP) - F/UTP, 24AWG, 350MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

11 reviews

Cat6 Plenum (CMP) - 23AWG, UTP, 550MHz, Solid, Bulk Ethernet Cable

10 reviews

Cat6 Shielded Plenum (CMP) - 23AWG, F/UTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

9 reviews

Cat6A Plenum (CMP) - 10Gb, 23AWG, Unshielded, Solid, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable

15 reviews

Cat6A Shielded Plenum (CMP) - 10Gb, 23AWG, F/UTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable


Cat6A Stranded Plenum (CMP) - 28AWG, U/UTP, Unshielded, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable

16 reviews

Cat6e Plenum (CMP) - 23AWG, UTP, 600MHz, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

3 reviews

Cat7A Shielded CMP (Plenum) - 10Gb, 22AWG, 1000MHz, S/FTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

2 reviews

Cat8 Shielded Plenum (CMP) - 40Gb, 22AWG, 2000MHz, S/FTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable


Bulk Network Plenum Cable

What is Plenum Cable?

Plenum cables are constructed with low smoke coating such as Teflon FEP material. The coating does not smoke nearly as much as other plastics and gives zero flame spread. Plenum (CMP) cable can withstand up to 400 degrees. Plenum cable has the highest fire resistance rating compared to all other jacket materials.

Why Should You Use Plenum Cable?

When you’re planning to run cable through any building, the first thing to consider is exactly where do you want to run your wires? Plenum space is above the ceiling or below floors that are used for air circulation. These areas can cause major issues should there be a fire due to the high oxygen and lack of fire barriers in plenum spaces.


Plenum (CMP) cables are required by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for all cable installations in plenum areas.

Where to Buy Plenum Cable?

There are many companies offering bulk plenum cable, but some are not true Teflon FEP material meaning they do not comply with plenum standards. FEP material will be transparent. A quick way to inspect for true plenum cable is by seeing how transparent the insulation for each conductor is, opposed to solid colored insulation. To verify it would also be wise to ask the seller for spec sheets or certifications.


Here at Infinity Cable Products we offer the highest quality plenum cables. We have specification sheets, along with testing reports to back all of our cables. We have been in business for over 20 years and are here to help provide the lowest prices for the highest quality cables.


We also offer compatible keystone jacks and patch panels for plenum cable.

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