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What is Snagless Cat6 Cable?

by Jeff Atkins on January 05, 2023
what is cat6 snagless patch cable

A snagless Cat6 cable is a type of ethernet patch cables that is constructed to reduce wires from being damaged or pulled out of the RJ45 connector when the cable is being plugged in or out. When a cable is referred to as snagless they are talking about the boot and RJ45 head connection. The reason why this design is important is because any damage to the wires in your ethernet cable can cause signal issues or can even cause the cable not to work.

One of the main benefits to snagless Cat6 cables is that the boot that covers the RJ45 gives you a stronger cable for when you want to use it many times over. This makes it a great choice for just about any situation you need an ethernet patch cables for. Some of the most common uses for Cat6 snagless cables are in homes, data centers and office buildings.

Snagless patch cables are some of the most common design types you see in the market today. They provide extra value in the fact that they give you a stronger cable connection for multiple uses in different environments. If you are in need of a patch cable we recommend to give these cables a go.


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