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Cable Terms

tia and eia standards

Understanding TIA/EIA Standards

In the wide landscape of modern technology, where seamless connectivity...
by Jeff Atkins on April 02, 2024
what is snagless cat6 cable

What is Snagless Cat6 Cable?

A snagless Cat6 cable is a type of ethernet patch...
by Jeff Atkins on January 05, 2023
what is insertion loss

What is Insertion Loss?

Ever experienced loss of signal when you plug something in...
by Maria Martinez on December 17, 2020
what is ieee 802.3

What Is IEEE 802.3?

There are many different ethernet standards today. Through the years...
by Quan Thach on May 05, 2020
what is taa compliant

What Is TAA Compliant?

Let's get to know more about this act and how...
by Jeff Atkins on March 27, 2020
what is hdbaset

What Is HDBaseT and Why Is It Important?

The great thing about ethernet cables are their ability to...
by Quan Thach on March 23, 2020
what is fast ethernet

Fast Ethernet: Explained

Getting through all the different networking terminologies can be a...
by Jeff Atkins on February 28, 2020
what is a lan cable and lan

What Is A LAN Cable, LAN Wire and LAN?

There was a question that came up not too long...
by Quan Thach on February 20, 2020
ethernet definition

Ethernet Definition

Let's get to know some of the more popular terms...
by Tom Niswander on February 20, 2020

What is Balanced Twisted Pair Cable?

Twisted pair cable is some of the majority of items...
by Tom Niswander on October 31, 2019
what is awg

What is AWG (American Wire Gauge)

If you have ever shopped for ethernet cables you'll notice...
by Tom Niswander on September 25, 2019

The History of Twisted Pair Cable

The way in which cable has been created is ever...
by Quan Thach on October 11, 2017

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