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wall plate insert cube ivory
wall plate insert ivory front view
wall plate insert ivory top view
  • SKU: BI-IV

Wall Plate Insert - Ivory

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Fill in unused wall plate slots with wall plate inserts. These wall plates inserts are Ivory in color and match up with our Ivory wall plates. No more uneven pantone colors when using other wall plate inserts. Easily make a 3 port wall plate into a 2 port wall plate with one of these cubes. They snap right into the back of our wall plates for easy assembling. Durable and strong in design these Ivory wall plate inserts can be re used many times for different installations or temporary covering of unused ports.

Connect our ivory wall plate inserts into any of our wall plates ports. The wall plate inserts fit into 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 port wall plates

wall plate insert ivory