Datacomm 75
Datacomm 75
Datacomm 75
  • SKU: CCTS75

Complete Cable Trench System With One Exit Point (1 Complete Set)


DataComm 75" complete cable trench system with one exit point is perfect of running large cable bundles in your home or business. Spruce up your network build with cable management in different levels of your home. Packed with multiple features this complete cable trench system gives you room for multiple pass through runs with ethernet cables of your choice. Run Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7A and Cat8 cables through this enclosure to the front for more organization in your runs. Giving you a centralized access point for easier terminations and customization down the road. Size: 75 inches (75")

Item Number: CT-75-2P


  • Professionally designed for home or business installations
  • Protect your cables from any damage or tampering
  • Trench system fits within 16" center studs
  • 75" in height
  • Adjust the height to fit your needs
  • Easy access for terminations and customization
  • Sits flush in the wall
  • Enclosure is modular built and can be customized and even printable
  • Many cover options that can be removed
  • Centralize your cables in one location for easier service calls and error fixes

Package Includes

  • Unfinished Back Box
  • Unfinished Solid Cover
  • Unfinished Open Cover with Brush
  • Open End Cap & Knockout End Cap Pack
  • Pack of (2) Cover Caps