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Elite 25 Years Warranty

This warranty will cover the Elite Cable Brands sold by Infinity Cable Products. at 641 E. Walnut St., Carson, CA 90746 against performance failures for its’ 25 years warranty within the original premise of installation if installed with an approved connectivity product by ABA.

 Coverage and Installation

  • An Industry-Certified Installer can offer the Elite 25 Years Warranty.
  • ABA will back up and support the warranty through the Certified Installer.
  • The warranty covers our cable tested with certified channel connectivity products, which have met ANSI/TIA/EIA 568C.2 cabling standards.
  • The installation must consist of Enhanced Category 5 or Category 6, Enhanced Category 6 and Augmented Category 6 cable manufactured by Wonderful Hi-Tech Cable Co., LTD, and supplied by ABA.
  • The installation must consist of any Enhanced Category 5 or Category 6, Enhanced Category 6 and Augmented Category 6 connectivity meeting or exceeding ANSI/TIA/EIA 568C.2 cabling standards. (Certified Tests are required)

 Requirements and Conditions

  • Upon completion of the following steps, ABA will issue the Elite 25 Years Warranty
  • Submit all appropriate warranty forms
  • Submit all test results when the installation is complete
  • Submit floor plans for the job site
  • Submit the invoices from the distributor supplying ABA Cable and the connectivity manufacturer
  • The warranty will be in effect the date it is issued The Certified Installer will be the end user's main contact for the duration of the warranty. Any installation changes or alterations made without ABA’s consent will make the warranty null and void.

Product Failure

In the event of product failure, the end user will contact the Certified Installer that completed the work. The Certified Installer will determine the cause of failure and grant ABA the opportunity to investigate the failure. If it is determined that any of ABA's products have failed, ABA will replace our product and cover labor costs to bring the

channel back to a standard performance level. Labor rates to be established based on original installer's invoiced rate, per run, at the time of the original project installation.

ABA will not be responsible for any incidental costs of business downtime due to product failure.

To register for the ABA Elite 25 Years Warranty, find out about or SysTeam Warranty, or if you have any other questions, please call us at (310) 327-7678


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