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About Us

In 1998, Infinity Cable Products, Inc. was established to provide the highest quality data products for the lowest prices possible. Our products are used for Computer Networking, Home Automation, Voice and Data, Audio and Video applications.

As a small business ourselves, we at Infinity Cable Products believe in putting our customers first, giving them high quality products at a low price as a way to help them grow their own businesses. Our products have been used by the U.S. Government, Hospitals, Military, Schools and Universities, Fortune 500 Companies, Stadiums and Convention Centers.

Now entering our second decade, Infinity Cable Products is dedicated to providing great wires and cables at a reasonable price, while making the overall experience of ordering our products a fast, efficient, and enjoyable one. We welcome your feedback and suggestions and with that, we will continue to strive for distributing perfect products and service.

Infinity Cable Products seeks to improve the experience of both our employees, customers, and our local community.

Our employees all have free Healthcare, insurance, paid vacation, 401K, and Profit Sharing Plan.

Some of the companies we have been serving include Broadcom Limited, Juniper Networks, DIRECTV, and Space X. Customers who purchase our products have an amazing opportunity to grow and develop their businesses.

The company offers the Charity Contribution Matching Plan: every year, Infinity Cable Products will match employees' donations up to $1,000 for whichever charitable cause of their choice. Infinity Cable Products helps both the charitable causes of our employees through this plan, but also several other charitable causes as well.