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cat6a shielded plenum blue
1000FT CAT6A Shielded plenum cmp - 10G, 23AWG,  F/UTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable blue side
Cat6A plenum (cmp) cable close up
cat6a shielded plenum ul certified
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cat6a shielded plenum green
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cat6a shielded plenum cable 250ft
  • SKU: TSP2304S03BU

Cat6A Shielded Plenum (CMP) - 10Gb, 23AWG, F/UTP, Solid, Bulk Networking Cable

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UL Listed
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Boost your signal and performance with Elite Cat6A shielded plenum cable. Rated for 10Gb over longer distances this cable is the go to choice for home, office, data center and business networks. Able to be used for general purposes, risers and plenum spaces this Cat6A shielded plenum cable is suitable for a variety of different installs. Plenum rated cable is designed specifically for cabling that needs to be placed where air flow is present. This can be drop ceilings, air ducts, HVAC and between floors. The FEP jacket has a higher fire retardant rating emitting less smoke and preventing the progression of flames. Elite Cat6A shielded plenum cable has length ID'd every 2 feet on the jacket so you know how much feet you have left. The amount of copper and jacket material is very important in cable and you can tell by just the weight of its focus on superior performance. Shielded ethernet cable helps protect your network from signal interference with its foil around all the twisted pairs. Get better signal, less interference and a safer cable with this top quality shielded plenum ethernet cable.

  • Get 10Gb speeds up to 328 feet
  • Plenum rated jacket makes this cable suitable for areas with air flow
  • 100% pure solid copper conductors for optimal signal performance
  • Sweep frequency tested to 650MHz
  • Shielded for protection from EMI
  • Customize your cable run with a bulk length of 1000ft.
  • Perfect for high performance data, audio, video and PoE applications
  • Safety rated for higher temperature PoE Performance (UL-LP)
  • UL Listed for safety and performance compliance
Where To Use
  • Areas with EMI
  • Plenum Spaces
  • Areas with air flow
  • In Wall
  • Computers
  • Router & Modem
  • Switches
  • Camera
  • Smart TV
  • HDBaseT
  • PoE Devices
Brand Elite
Category Cat6A
Jacket FEP
Wire Gauge 23AWG
Shielding Shielded
Frequency 650MHz
Twisted Pairs 4
Structure F/UTP
Cross Filler Yes
Drain Wire Yes
Cable O.D. 7.0 ± 0.2 mm
Conductor Solid, Pure Copper
Conductor O.D. 1.06 - 1.10 ± 0.02 mm
Installation Temp 0°C to 60°C
Bending Radius 4 X Overall Diameter
PoE IEEE 802.3af,at,bt | PoE, PoE+, PoE++
Applications 1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-TX, 10GBase-T
HDBaseT Yes
UL-LP Certification Yes
TAA Compliant Yes
Made in Taiwan
Length 1000 Feet
Weight 49 lbs.


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Specification Download


Infinity Cable Products prides itself on offering the highest quality products possible. Our Cat6A shielded Plenum (CMP) cable is tried and tested to ensure performance and compatibility.

UL-LP Certification

Limited Power Certification LP provides an uncomplicated way to help ensure installations are ready for the increasing power levels and are not susceptible to safety issues caused by excessive heat generation. This simplifies installation planning. The test-based requirements also allow for innovation in cable design. Cables are distinguished with an industry recognized and trusted UL certification Mark. This helps ensure compliance and reduces risk to all stakeholders in the supply chain


cat6a shielded plenum

Q: What is the maximum distance for this cable?

A: Cat6A cable can be installed up to 328 feet (100 meters). Anything long and you run the risk of signal loss.

Q: What is the F/UTP structure?

A: F/UTP, also seen as FTP has a foil shield around all four twisted pairs in the cable.

Q: How thick are the conductors on this cable?

A: Our Cat6A shielded plenum cable has a conductors size of 1.06 to 1.10 mm with insulation. This cable is 23AWG and should be terminated with Cat6A 23AWG connectors.

Q: Is this cable compatible with security cameras

A: Yes, this shielded Cat6A plenum cable is compatible with most security cameras. Can also plug in to PoE injectors that need to be run to NVR systems and cameras.

Q: How does the packaging come for different sizes?

A: Our 1000ft size comes on a strong wooden reel and our 250ft comes plastic wrapped for shorter runs.

Q: When should you used shielded cable?

A: Shielded cable is perfect for areas with EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). This is common in doctors & dentist offices, business, areas around cell towers and power lines. You can learn more here: what is shielded ethernet cable?

Q: When should you use plenum cable?

A: Plenum cable is built for areas with air circulation such as drop ceilings, beneath flooring and HVAC. It has a higher fire retardant than Riser (CMR) cable which help eliminate the spread of flames and toxic smoke in air flow areas. You can also use this cable in Riser areas. Learn more here: What is plenum cable?


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