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Best Ethernet Cable For PS5

by Quan Thach on December 25, 2020
best ethernet cable for ps5

With the brand new PS5 gaming console already out its time for us to help guide you to an overall better gameplay experience. You have many different cables to choose from nowadays so let's break down exactly what is going to be the best ethernet cable for PS5.

Minimum Speed Requirements

First things first we want you to have a good understanding of what is an ethernet cable? This will get you up to speed on what an ethernet cable can do for your home network.

Before we start playing PS5 it's important to know what kind of internet speeds you will want to have to enjoy playing your favorite games and even streaming content through the system.

Here are some of the common gaming and streaming requirements:

Online Gaming

For the best PS5 gaming experience it's recommended to have a download speed of 3 Mbps or 3,000 Kbps. For upload speed it's recommended to have 0.5 Mbps or 500 Kbps. When it comes to Ping you want to try to have it less than 150 milliseconds.

SD Video Streaming

For standard definition video (SD) streaming on your PS5 you want to have at lease 1 Mbps or 1000 Kbps. Upload speed is not included here. For the ping you also want to have it less than 150 milliseconds.

HD Video Streaming

For high definition video (HD) streaming on your PS5 you want to have at least 3.5 Mbps or 3,500 Kbps. Upload speed is also not included here. Then for ping just like the other two you want it to be at least less than 150 milliseconds.

The great thing about PS5 is that it comes with 4K support built in.

4K Streaming

The minimum internet speeds you want to have for 4K streaming on your PS5 is 25 mbps.

You know what's even better about the PS5? There is talk that the console will eventually be able to support 8K streaming content so let us help get you prepared for that as well.

8K Streaming

The minimum internet speeds you want to have for 8K on your PS5 is 100 mbps.

Type Of Cable Is Best For PS5

Let's start to get in to more cable specific details on what is the best cable type for PS5. After going over the gaming and streaming internet speed requirements for a PS5 we can start to narrow down which cable category will be best to use.

We know that to enjoy games through your PS5 you want to have at least 3 mbps but we want you set up for better results than that. We typically try to aim to have at least 100 mbps for gaming and streaming on consoles. Note here that 25 mbps is good but 100mbps is considered fast ethernet. This will be considered good speeds for most and covers you if you have anywhere from 2-5 users on the network. What's also good about 100 mbps is that it prepares you for 4K and 8K. The good thing about hardwiring is that you can easily achieve this performance using a Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6A cable.

Cat5e and Cat6 are both rated for gigabit speeds up to 328 feet (100 meters). Gigabit speeds equates to 1000 mbps. To put that in perspective with ideal conditions you should be able to download a 720p High Definition TV episode which can range around 950MB in size in about 8 seconds. Pretty fast!

If you want to take your network to another level then you can look to Cat6A cable. Cat6A is rated for 10Gb speeds up to 328 feet (100 meters). This equates to 10,000mbps. This cable is recommended if you currently have a plan for 10 gigabits or plan on in the future. Note that if your plan is gigabit and under using a Cat5e or Cat6 is recommended.

Now that we have gone over the category performance of the cables you are going to come across different structure types of these cables. To keep this short it's recommend you use stranded cable for use with your PS5. Stranded cable is typically used in patch cables.

Does Patch Cable Length Affect Performance?

The standard for network cable is that they can indeed be too long. The recommended cable length and channel length of cable is 328 feet (100 meters). For patch cables however it's rare you are going to be using one that is 328 feet because they really aren't available in that length. For patch cables because they are stranded you want them to be shorter in length. By keeping your cable shorter you don't run in to any issues such as attenuation or even insertion loss. So using a patch cable even up to 100 feet is no problem and shouldn't give you any issues. Simply choose the right size that makes sense for your PS5 placement.

Here are a couple options from our catalog that will give you great performance with your PS5:

Shop Patch Cables for Your PS5

Cat6 Patch Cable: Elite 24AWG patch cables are pure copper, fast and durable over long distances. A perfect option for getting reliable gameplay for your PS5.

Shop Cat6 24AWG Patch Cables
cat6 24awg patch cables

Cat6A Patch Cable: Running cables in areas with EMI? Look to our shielded Cat6A patch cables to protect your network. Rated for 10Gb these patch cables are great for high speed networks.

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cat6a patch cables
by Infinity Cable Products on December 05, 2022

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for contacting us. In this case either the Cat5e or Cat6 cable will do just fine for your PS5. Both of these cables are rated up to 1Gb speeds which covers you for gameplay. We hope this helps !

by Ryan on December 05, 2022

Great post, amazingly informative; though I have one question, born of ignorance. I have a CAT5e 24AWGX4P Networking Patch cable (unknown if stranded) and a CAT6 24AWGX4PR Stranded cable at my disposal. Which should I use for my PS5?

by Dylan N, on March 08, 2022

Great article, thanks for the help

by Infinity Cable Products on October 04, 2021

Hello, sorry we missed your comment but for anyone curious in knowing a Cat8 patch really isn’t necessary for the majority of users right now. We strongly recommend a Cat6 or Cat6A patch cable if you are going to be using an ethernet cable for your PS5. You likely won’t see any benefits by using a Cat8 over a Cat6 patch cable. Happy gaming!

by Ara on May 12, 2021

Thanks for the post! What about CAT 8?


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