What is HDBaseT and why is it important?

Welcome to the vast world of ethernet cable. You have come across another term that you've probably heard or seen but you're not quite sure what it is. This term is HDBaseT. 

HDBaseT is the universal communication of high definition video, audio, ethernet, controls, USB and power over a single long distance cable. HDbaseT was introduced in 2010 and has taken the video distribution sector to new heights. With just a single cable you can perform high definition digital audio, ehternet, USB control signals and power. HDBaseT is universal in a way that is is able to cater to different products and sectors in the world. These sectors can range from Computers, audio, visual and electronics to just name a few.

Why is HDBaseT important?

The importance of HDBaseT stems from the need for cost effective measures with the cable such as installation. Where you used to have to fall short in some areas because the installation would be too expensive is now possible with the standard of HDBaseT. You can transmit signals over longer distances such as 328ft (100 meters) with your cable. The cables are multi use so you can install either for ethernet, audio, video and power depending on your requirement using the one cable. High definition video transmission such as 4k is possible. The ease of use has improved so that unshielded (UTP) LAN cables are easier to install reducing time. Costs for cable infrastructure has also reduced because of HSBaseT standards to eliminate the needs for numerous electrical cables and outlets close to all the devices.

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