Velcro Cable Ties

6 Inch Velcro Straps 1/2 Inch Width - 50 Pack


9 Inch Velcro Straps 1/2 Inch Width - 50 Pack


12 Inch Velcro Straps 1/2 Inch Width


50ft Velcro Strap Tape White


50ft Velcro Strap Tape Blue


50ft Velcro Strap Tape Black


Velcro Cable Ties

Shop the best velcro cable ties at Infinity Cable Products. Perfect for bundling your ethernet cables in home and business settings. Take your cable management to new height with our large selection of velcro cable ties. Coming in multiple colors our velcro cable ties fit perfect with any network set up. Ranging in various lengths and widths our ties have the ability to bundle together all sorts of different cables. Shop for 50ft velcro cable ties if you want bulk sizes that you can cut down to length you need. From super slim 28AWG cables to large 22AWG Cat8 cables our ties can do it all. Take the worry away from stapling and causing any damage to your cables during install. Velcro cable ties are an easy and affordable solution for bundling cables in trays or organizing your cables behind your desk.