Bulk Control Cable

CSTCATD CAT5E 22AWG/2CDR + 18AWG/2CDR + Ground Wire
CSTCATD CAT5E 22AWG/2CDR + 18AWG/2CDR + Ground Wire, CMR, 1000Ft. Reel Elite Control Cable can be used for distribution of...
CSTNT 2 CAT5E 350MHz PVC + 22AWG/2CDR + 18AWG/2CDR + Ground Wire
Control cable at its finest. Get the quality distribution you have always wanted with our bulk cat5e control cable. Does...
What is Control Cable?

Our bulk control cable are used to link communication and panel control systems. It can be applied for distribution of audio, video, and itercom in homes, apartmnet or small busineses. Contorl cable is also used to connect electric instruments or remote controlled regulators, protective relaying and in the gorwing industry of automation.

How it the performance of Bulk control cable?

The control cables we sell at Infinity Cable Products are composed of a mixture of the strongest wires, resulting in our control cables being highly durable against corrision and temperature. They are category 5e and are enhanced versions of standard cat5. 

Why Choose Infinity's Control Cable?

We offer the most competitive pricing for Control bulk cables, without compromising quality. Our Control cable exceeds standard performance tests and we have the testing reports to back it up.


✔ UL Listed                                   ✔ RoHS Compliant

✔ ETL Verified                               ✔ 3rd Party Tested

Our Control cable is tested to exceed standard performance by 3-5 DB extra margin over EIA/TIA standards!