Cat6 Bulk Networking Cable

cat6 riser rated bulk cable blue 1000 feet cat6 cmr riser utp wire close up Sale
CAT6 CMR (Riser) - 23AWG - UTP - 1000 FT
Our riser rated bulk cable is designed with headroom for tomorrow's emerging high speed LAN technologies, these Cat 6 bulk...
$93.00 $98.00
blue cat6e riser cable in an easy to pull box cat6e riser rated bulk cable close up of wire Sale
CAT6e CMR (Riser) - 24AWG - UTP - 1000ft.
Our enhanced cat6 cable is prepared to take on any job. Cat6e bulk cable is built with a spline in...
$96.00 $102.00
CAT6 CMP (Plenum) - 23AWG - UTP - 1000 Ft.
One of our most popular cables this Cat6 Plenum rated bulk cable is perfect for air duct and ceiling installs....
CAT6e CMP (Plenum) - 23AWG - UTP - 1000 FT
Stay ahead of the competition with the most advanced cat 6e cable in the industry. Our cat6e cable is designed...
CAT6 Stranded CM - 24AWG - UTP - 1000FT
The Cat 6 is a favorite cable for the person looking to do custom patch cords. This cat6 cable is...
CAT6 CMP (Plenum) - 23AWG - STP - 1000 FT
An industry favorite this Cat6 plenum cable is ready to take on any plenum installation. Its plenum jacket is constructed...
CAT6 CMR (Riser) - 23AWG - STP - 1000 FT
Infinity's Cat 6 CMR bulk Ethernet cable is perfectly designed with headroom for tomorrow's emerging high speed LAN technologies. This...
Cat6E CMX Direct Burial - 23AWG - FTP - 1000ft.
Looking for cable that can buried under ground? Well this is the cable for you. This elite branded cat6e direct...
CAT6 Stranded CM - 28 AWG - UTP - 1000FT
Our elite Cat6 stranded cable is used in short runs between network interface cards (NICs) and wall plates or between...
CAT6 Stranded CM - 26AWG - UTP - 1000FT
Get top of the line network solutions with this category 6 bulk cable and not worry about having to upgrade...
CAT6E CMX Direct Burial - 23AWG - UTP - 1000 ft.
 This high grade cat6e direct burial cable is perfect for the jobs when cables needs to be covered. It is...
Cat6 Stranded CM - 26AWG - STP - 1000FT
This Cat6 stranded CM rated bulk ethernet cable is well suitable for Gigabit Ethernet, ATM and Broadband Video.  It has...
Cat6 Stranded CM - 24AWG - STP - 1000FT
What's not to love about our bulk cat6 cm rated cable. This flexible cable is perfect for creating custom patch...

Collection Description

What is CAT6 Cable?

Category 6, is the standard cable for all network solutions. It is used to run ethernet connections throughout your home or office. The types of cat 6 bulk are communication, riser and plenum rated. Cat6 is more strict with its specs forNEXT (Near End Crosstalk). Cat6 is also backwards compatible with cat3, Cat5 and Cat5e standards.


CAT6 is widely used in many hospitals, universities, and data centers.

How is the performance of Cat6 Cable?

Our Category 6 cable is tested to achieve bandwidth of up to 400MHz and is perfect for 10Base-T and 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T high speed network installations. This result makes our cat6 cable perform faster than industry standard cat 6. The maximum effective length is 100 meters (328 ft).


We offer CAT6 cable in both shielded FTP and unshielded UTP versions. CAT6 comes in Plenum CMP, Riser CMR, and CM jacket ratings. Our patch panels, keystone jacks and wall plates are engineered for maximum compatibility performance with our CAT6 cables.

The best Cat6 cable on the market

We offer the most competitive pricing for CAT6 bulk cables, without compromising quality. Our CAT 6 cable exceeds standard Cat-6 performance tests and we have the testing reports to back it up.


✔ UL Listed                                   ✔ RoHS Compliant

✔ ETL Verified                               ✔ 3rd Party Tested

Our CAT6 cable is tested to exceed standard performance by 3-5 DB extra margin over EIA/TIA standards!