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Cat6A CMR RIser Unshielded UTP 23AWG 10GB 1000ft Blue tur2304s03bu
1000FT CAT6A CMR (Riser) - 10GB, UTP, 23AWG, Solid, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable BLUE
Cat6A CMR (Riser) - 10Gb, UTP, 23AWG, Solid, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable
cat6a utp riser ul certified
Cat6A CMR RIser Unshielded UTP 23AWG 10GB 1000ft Black tur2304s03bl
Cat6A CMR RIser Unshielded UTP 23AWG 10GB 1000ft green tur2304s03gr
Cat6A CMR RIser Unshielded UTP 23AWG 10GB 1000ft Grey tur2304s03gy
Cat6A CMR RIser Unshielded UTP 23AWG 10GB 1000ft Orange tur2304s03or
Cat6A CMR RIser Unshielded UTP 23AWG 10GB 1000ft Red tur2304s03re
Cat6A CMR RIser Unshielded UTP 23AWG 10GB 1000ft White tur2304s03wh
Cat6A CMR RIser Unshielded UTP 23AWG 10GB 1000ft Yellow tur2304s03ye
  • SKU: TUR2304S03BU

Cat6A CMR (Riser) - 10Gb, UTP, 23AWG, Solid, 650MHz, Bulk Networking Cable

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Our Cat6A unshielded CMR cable is a high performance solution for audio, video and data applications. UTP Cat6A CMR is riser rated for in the walls of your home or business improving your network up to 10Gb. This cable has a spline separating the four twisted pairs for better near end crosstalk. Not only that but our unshielded Cat6A riser cable has a zig zag jacket design giving you even more room between the pairs. This gives you the best performance against near end crosstalk. Combine this with a higher spec twist rate this cable is sure to boost your network for years to come. Our Cat6A unshielded CMR cable is 1000 feet in length wrapped around a wooden spool giving you enough length to run around your home or business. Solid 100% pure copper conductors give you highest performance for signal strength over long distances. Pair with Cat6A 23AWG unshielded connectors for a network that shines.


  • Cat6A cable is rated for 10Gb 
  • Perfect for high speed data, audio, video and PoE applications
  • UTP structure easily pairs with unshielded connectors
  • Riser (CMR) jacket for installs inside the walls, risers and between floors
  • Pure copper solid conductors give you optimal signal strength
  • Customize your cable run with bulk cable length of 1000ft
  • Zig Zag jacket creates even more space between the pairs for better performance against near end crosstalk
  • Sweep frequency up to 650MHz
  • UL Listed for safety and performance compliance
Brand Elite
Category Cat6A
Jacket FRPVC
Wire Gauge 23AWG
Shielding Unshielded
Frequency 650MHz
Twisted Pairs 4
Structure U/UTP
Cross Filler Yes
Rip Cord Yes
Cable O.D. 8.3 ± 0.2 mm
Conductor Solid, Pure Copper
Conductor O.D. 1.08 - 1.19 ± 0.02 mm
Installation Temp 0°C to 60°C
Bending Radius 4 X Overall Diameter
PoE IEEE 802.3af,at | PoE, PoE+
Applications IEEE 802.3 an, 1Gb, 10GBase-T and Legacy speeds
HDBaseT Yes
TAA Compliant Yes
Length 1000 Feet
Weight 54 lbs.


Infinity Cable Products prides itself on offering the highest quality products possible. Our Cat6A CMR UTP cable is tried and tested to ensure performance and compatibility. 


cat6a cmr unshielded certifications


Cat6A Riser Unshielded Specification
Fluke Test Report

Q:  Can you further explain what the zig zag jacket is?

A:  Our Cat6A unshielded cmr cable has a zig jag jacket that helps create more space between the wires. The zig zag design is on the inside of the jacket and is smooth on the outside as you see on ethernet cable. Creating more space between the pairs give you better performance against crosstalk which is interference between the pairs. The further apart they are the better performing it is. So pairing our increase insulation and zig zag jacket this gives you exceptional performance against crosstalk.

Q:  Is unshielded cable ok for home use?

A:  Unshielded cable is perfect for home use. You'll find the structure easy to work with and pairs easily with our unshielded connectors such as plugs or keystone jacks.

Q:  what connectors are recommended with this cable?

A:  This Cat6A cable is going to be thicker than Cat6 cable so you want to use Cat6A rated connectivity. Also RJ45's that are rated for 23AWG. This ensures that the wires/cable can fit inside the plug.

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I am very happy with this cable, high quality.Their staff went the extra mile for me so I wanted to take the time to leave them the feedback they deserve. I have ordered twice now and they have coordinated both orders for me with no issues. From time to time I am under a time crunch trying to assemble everything I need and they made it happen. This cable itself performs great and by just lifting the cable you know its quality. No issues with the jacket or twisted wires as well, this cable terminates with your unshielded keystone or plugs. If you're looking to upgrade your network you're in the right spot

good cat6a cable

Great quality!