How Fast is Cat8 Cable?

by Jeff Atkins on October 16, 2019

With the introduction of Cat8 cable comes the learning curve involved of its performance capabilities. Cat8 cable has advanced on every cable category to date. The rate at which this cable can power devices in very quick. Let's get into how fast a cat8 cable is?

We should first get into what the specs are on Cat8 cable according to ISO and TIA 568 C.2-1. Cat8 cable is rated for a frequency of 2000MHZ (2GHz). It also has a maximum data transmission of 40GB. Pretty fast if you ask me! This amount of data is 40 x greater than Cat5e, 4 x greater than Cat6a and 4 x greater than Cat7a cable. You even get double the frequencies of a Cat7a cable.

how fast is cat8 cable

Cat8 cable is great for data center applications that require high speed and high frequencies. With the introduction of Cat8 cable this brings copper cable into the 40G realm.


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